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Mr Big - Emblem

Mr. Big's Emblem

Mr. Big is a Raven in Armored Core: Nine Breaker. He is ranked 12th in the Arena.


The pilot of this AC unit is a staunch advocate of heavy firepower weapons and long-range combat. The only time this works against him is in prolonged encounters.

AC G-Blaze[]

G-Blaze is a tank-legged AC equipped with a large aperture laser cannon, a dual plasma rifle and an arm-mounted rocket launcher. The unit is also equipped with a shell EO core. The unit is actually overweight, as evidenced from Mr Big's POV in a match.

AC G-Blaze

AC G-Blaze


True to the name, this Ranker rides a heavily armored AC with weapons to match the size. Mr. Big's weakness is that he's a slow, lumbering behemoth that has an arsenal of very heavy-hitting but limited ammo weapons. He has two beam weapons of comparable power, so remaining out of his sight is critical. Fortunately, his G-Blaze also suffers from especially low turning speed; exploit this as much as you can. Staying at Mr. Big's back is not difficult with a lightweight AC; just be wary to not let him catch you in front of him. As he is such a slow target, bring some powerful weapons of your own to crack his AC open when he is not looking. He will try to offset his terrible agility with vertical movement; shoot him down (preferably send him into the overheat state immediately) before he can escape your sights. Waiting him out for until he runs out of ammo for his guns carries a big risk since if they land, each shot is going to hit very hard, so it is not a recommended approach. If you're able to avoid most of his hits, Mr. Big shouldn't be a problem to take care of.