Mumu is an independent warlord and Raven in Armored Core: Last Raven.

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AC Metis


A female Raven and the leader of a group, Mumu is one of those pilots who lives for the thrill of battle. What she lacks in actual combat experience is more than made up for with confidence. She often travels with a companion, Cerberus. Her Warlord group is opportunistic, seeking any type of opportunity at the first chance while avoiding unneeded casualties and as such attacks Vertex as while Ravens are troublesome, they cannot be everywhere at once.

AC MetisEdit


Lightweight, two-leg AC equipped with a parrying blade, shot gun, small missile and stealth missile launcher. Part load out makes the unit light and agile, but doesn't provide much in the way of defense; offense is not much better, as they require the opponent be extremely close to be effective. The unit is also equipped with missile counter extensions, but aren't exactly effective, so missiles do still work against her. Her AC also has a hangar plasma rifle for the right arm.

In the mission "Destroy Research Facility" she has changed her head from the YH14-STING to the YH12-MAYFLY.


Mumu's strategy can be best described as jump and shoot, often a lag time between each. Despite her being a lightweight AC, Mumu fails to utilize it effectively, as she often pauses in battle for a short period of time. The fastest method is to use a tank AC with the back mounted large aperture laser cannon which will destroy her in a few hits or the bazooka weapon arms which fire four or eight rounds. The only weapon that is any real harm is her parry blade, so keep moving. One should be wary, however, as in one mission she is accompanied by Cereberus Garm.

In the mission "Destroy Transport Convoy", the player fights Mumu first. If she is defeated quickly, Cerberus Garm appears and his part is a challenge since there are 6 transports and you need to change focus between Garm and the transports. Assuming it took long to fight Mumu, he turns the fight into a 2-1 AC fight and the difficult part is that change in focus between Mumu, Garm, and the transports. For the mission, defeat Mumu fast so you can fight Garm and go after the transports at the same time.

AC Setup and Strategy pt. 2Edit

The mission setup should be a Tank AC with an AMS Heavy Core, the LX Cannon, and hard-hitting weapons (the dual KRSWs or the KRSW-OGRE combo is highly recommended). As soon as you see Mumu, switch to the LX and use it with the KRSW on her. Once she's down, Cerberus Garm appears with the transports. Once he appears, LX him, but be careful since the KRSW ammo might be mid-low from the first fight. Once he is defeated go after the transports but make it fast. If one escapes Circ-City, the mission fails, so position your AC near the route of the transports after you defeat Mumu. Positioning your AC should be done while fighting her or after you defeat her before Garm's appearance. By then, before he appears, the transports can be destroyed and you can fight Garm afterwards.



  • If the player kills Garm first in the mission "Destroy Transport Convoy" Mumu will fly into a panicked frenzy and run as far from the player as she can, and will only attack if the player goes near her before running off again.
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