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Murder Dog

Murder Dog

Murder Dog is is the unofficial fan name for a Special Forces AC that appears in Armored Core 2.


The Murder Dog is a lightweight four-legged AC equipped with relation missile extensions, a multi missile launcher double back weapon, a handheld energy machine gun, a laser blade and an overboost core. The unit is most likely overweight, meaning it can ignore weight restrictions. Although it is equipped with an overboost core it is never seen using it in battle.



Appears only in the mission Destroy Containers as an enemy.


Unlike the other Frightener ACs, Murder Dog is actually quite competent, and can give you serious trouble if you fool around with him. Their main threat lies in their multi-missiles, which they will use once they have you in their sights. At closer ranges, they will use their energy machine gun which is less dangerous than the missiles. For this reason, close-range combat is recommended as Murder Dog's missiles require them to be at a distance to be effective.

Note that the snowstorm on the map can complicate matters when it comes to targeting them, keep an eye on the radar for where they are and try not to be caught off-guard.


  • Name comes from a japanese website and the translation is pending.
  • The unit’s equipped missile launcher usually fires 2 missile volleys that will then split into warheads, but in the mission it only fires 1 missile volley. You would only find such features in this game’s mission ACs which all have unusual traits.