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MxS7HGS - Emblem

MxS7HGS's Emblem

MxS7HGS is a Raven in Armored Core: Nexus. He is ranked 2nd in the Arena.


A heavyweight tank-leg design incorporating a variety of high firepower weapons. The pilot is an adept tactician and a fearsome adversary.


IRON L-OW75 is a heavily armored tank AC equipped with anti-missile extensions, triple missile launcher, a railgun back weapon, the 93RL linear rifle and a left arm KRSW laser rifle. The unit's overall performance is boosted with OP-INTENSIFY, making it a deadly foe in terms of both offensive and defensive capability.

AC Iron L-OW75

AC Iron L-OW75


If there's one thing to take note of when facing this guy, it's just this.

KILL HIM FAST!! You don't want to contend with his powerful weapons, the linear rifle+KRSW combo can take off huge chunks of AP in no time and both weapons have a rather quick fire rate and is very hard to beat in an ordinary damage race. There are occasions where he will switch to his railgun as well but you don't need to wait till then to commence your attack. His missiles shouldn't pose too much problem for you as that can be avoided rather easily.

As you'd expect for a tank, he does harbor hefty defense and to compensate for his lack of mobility he also has an Overboost core, which makes defeating him no easy task. The best strategy to fight him is to use a high-defense tank AC like his, with the back-mounted LX cannon and another ranged left arm weapon (preferably a sniper rifle like the WYRM) along a FCS that can lock on from far away. When the battle starts, simply wait for him to enter lock-range and start firing. Just make sure that you don't fire while he's overboosting as that gives him the opportunity to dodge your shots. The LX cannon (with whatever ranged left arm weapon you have) damage output surpasses that of all his weapons combined (and can also crack his heavy armor), so he should go down quickly with this kind of setup. AN example of this tactic can be seen here .

It IS possible to beat him in melee combat as well, although this would require great skill as he is highly accurate and can surprisingly keep you in his lock sight even at extreme close range, making even out-turning him difficult.




• Arguably the toughest foe in the Arena despite not bearing top rank, comprable to the likes of Zinaida, EX300, Matthias & Exile.