Armored Core Wiki
Napoleon Emblem
General information
Classification Raven
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Rank 1
Craft AC Subjugator
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core: Master of Arena

Napoleon is a Raven that appears in the Armored Core: Master of Arena Extra Arena. He is ranked #1 in the Master Arena.


Before Defeat[]

Still undefeated, he is said to have no equal. He was named after an ancient warrior.

After Defeat[]

He lost, but the battle will live on in history. It is said that only he can defeat the champ.

AC Subjugator[]

AC Subjugator

AC Subjugator

Subjugator is a middleweight two-legged AC equipped with laser cannons on both shoulders, the FINGER machine gun and the MOONLIGHT laser blade. Due to the Human Plus enhancements of the pilot the unit can fire the back mounted laser cannons while moving, fire blade waves and launch into battle overweight.


Overall, Napoleon is a bit of a push over in comparison to some of the other optional AC fights in Armored Core Master of the Arena, especially considering the power of the Japanese ACs. His FINGER is a threat at close range and his cannons are powerful.

If you want to be cheap, there are two easy ways of defeating Napoleon. First is fight him in the parking lot and keep at range. By exchanging heavy fire you should be able to defeat him relatively easily as his cannons are a lot easier to dodge than a close range FINGER barrage. A PLOW (by this point Overweight is unlocked) can easily defeat Napoleon on the first try.

Another cheap tactic is to use an open environment one where you can go out of range. Start by flying straight up and Napoleon will follow you. If you can get high enough he will try and fly above you, getting him out of bounds, instantly winning the match. This tactic can be seen here.

For a straight fight, the minefield map is always fun, staying mobile firing away at Napoleon, dodging his shots and watching him eventually run into mines, quite possibly winning the match for you if he took enough damage. Now of course the opposite is true for you.



  • The Pilot is named after Napoleon Bonaparte, the famous French general during the French Revolution.