The National Dismantlement War was a conflict that began after the Corporations decided to create a new world order.


Due to overwhelming population growth, sovereign nations around the world lost their ability to maintain law and order. Food and energy became increasingly scarce leading to major unrest and civil upheaval. This resulted in chaos as rebels took control of the national military and its forces for their personal use.

The corporations responded by engaging in a coup d'état with a unilateral offensive. The private armies of MTs and Normal ACs controlled by the corporations already rivaled those of the national military's, but the main advantage of the corporations was the battlefield supremacy provided by the newly developed Armored Core NEXTs. Hiring expert Lynx pilots, the corporations took the masses by surprise. Within a few weeks, they stood victorious.

After the war, the surviving Lynx pilots became known as Originals. They viewed themselves as being part of the chosen few.

The conflict was the first time that Lynx piloting NEXTs saw widespread usage. After the war, the world saw a temporary period of peace known as the Pax Economica, which eventually led to the Lynx War.


  • Many a Lynx made a name for themselves during this time, most notably Berlioz.
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