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Eras presentNavis/Mirage War
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AppearancesArmored Core: Nexus

Navis is a smaller, recently founded corporation that appears in Armored Core: Nexus. They attempted to use ancient technology to their advantage, but their plans were never realized and the company fell apart. Navis is responsible for developing Circ-City and much of the surrounding areas.

History Edit

Created sometime before Nexus, Navis came about as attempt to take over the military weaponry market by introducing a new resource they discovered: ancient technology, such as the Leviathan. They are stationed mainly at Bayload City and operate from there. This attempt at hoarding put them at odds with Mirage, then the largest and most powerful corporation. Using the OAE, Mirage attempted to force Navis to share this technology with little success; eventually Navis leaves the OAE to avoid it interfering with its activities. Increasing tensions forced Navis to sever its partnership with Kisaragi and secretly ally itself with Crest, which was building up its military force behind the scenes and was waiting for an opportunity to strike.

When tensions increased and eventually led to all-out war, Navis ending up being pushed back by the brunt of Mirage forces. It was then that Crest joined the conflict and launched its attack on Mirage. Unfortunately for Navis, Crest decides to betray them and destroy Bayload City in the process. Navis military force is slowly whittled away as it is pushed out of region after region until they control only the Borbos Mine. By this time, Crest pulls out due to financial problems, and Mirage is now able to fully concentrate on Navis.

In a desperate attempt to turn the tide of the war, they activate one of the ancient weapons, a massive MT; they discover, however, that they are unable to control it, (thus setting the precursory events of the Attack of the Unmanned Suicide Weapons in Armored Core: Last Raven) and they made a final request to the Raven to destroy it. With that, Navis completely dissolved and was not heard of again.

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