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Neo Nidus Emblem
Neo Nidus
General information
Classification Lynx
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation ORCA
Rank 2
Craft NEXT Gachirin
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core: For Answer
Voice actor Troy Baker (ENG)
Shinya Fukumatsu (JAP)

Neo Nidus is a LYNX that appears in Armored Core: For Answer. He is ranked #2 in ORCA.

In-Game Biography[]

This elder LYNX has deep connections to former Akvavit, and is one of the original five. Renowned for his extremely high AMS compatibility and clever tactics, his experimental, TORUS developed craft is equipped with a fearsome assault cannon.


He is encountered as both an ally and an enemy. During the fight, it is clear that he is skeptical of Strayed, however he gives him an opportunity to prove himself. Neo Nidus fights without holding back any shots, warning his allies to avoid his fire.

NEXT Gachirin[]

Neo Nidus' white NEXT Gachirin is an ARGYROS heavy-weight craft. It is armed with a CANOPUS HI-Laser rifle and a plasma cannon, allowing him to take on most foes with ease and allow him to fight for extended periods of time thanks to his heavy armor and high ammunition; its only real weakness is the overall slow speed of both Gachirin as well as the projectile velocity of its weapons, meaning a fast opponent can potentially dodge his attacks. Its main weapon however is its LETHALDOSE assault cannon, an enormous PA rectifier unit designed to compress the Explosion of the user's Assault Armor into an extremely small and unstable spherical shell (5 metres in diameter with Kojima eruptions all over) which is then fired at the target at relatively high velocity (1400), similar to a Kojima cannon, it also creates vast radiated area degrading PA of nearby units. Notes: The LETHALDOZE assault cannon requires a KRB part to be equipped and the attack power also depends on the power of the KRB discharge, using the ARGYROS KRB system, the power when using it with the ARGYROS KRB is estimated to be around 30000 AP points at close range. In the case of a player equipping the LETHALDOZE, the piloted NEXT MUST have other ranged weaponry installed in order to enable the aiming for the cannon as this itself does not have any active lock on system, blades work too, as long as the target is locked in the FCS's seeker. The Cannon is the ONLY ranged weapon that has unlimited ammunition, the user NEXT does, however, need to recover its PA before firing the cannon again.


  1. Nidus' strategy prefers to stay mainly on the ground, firing with his Canopus High-Laser Rifle and the plasma cannon, while waiting for his opportunity to wield his Assault Cannon. When you get in range, he will fire the Assault Cannon, which, if it hits, will severely damage your NEXT, if not destroy it. It is advisable to avoid this blast at all costs, and to stay out of the impact range of the weapon, as the lingering Kojima Particles will rapidly degrade your Primal Armor. After firing, he will deploy his Addict PA Chargers to rapidly recharge his PA, so that he can fire his Assault Cannon again. To destroy him, use a combination of Grenade Launchers and Gatling Cannons to wear away at his AP. Keep in mind that Gachirin is a supremely lethal craft.
  2. It might also be possible to get in close and use blades with high PA Attenuation from the sides and from behind. (he is quite slow in both overall speed and arm mobility, just keep using QB and he won't be able to hit you). This tends to work best when combined with option 3, although your ally will most certainly be defeated.
  3. Also by keeping him at mid range while quickboosting, it is possible to make him run out of ammo (does take some time though, so don't get close if he stops shooting within a minute after you start the battle). After running out of ammo, he wont be able to use the Kojima cannon (sadly, the user NEXT MUST have other weapons installed in order to enable the aim function for the cannon) making it easy to destroy him, just dont try standing right in front of him (without the aim, he will just fire straight forward).
  4. An alternative method is to wait for your ally to engage him then intervene with Gatling cannons on the back (just make sure you are quick otherwise he will destroy your ally) be sure to hover above him and dodge the kojima cannon and don't let up on the fire because he will fire at you. another way is to just use BIGSIOUX missles but make sure you fire one after the other with a 2 second time lag between shots as it takes them 4 seconds to recharge between shots.
  5. Yet another way is to use a mix of a light laser blade, missiles (to deplete his Energy as he will QB around like a maniac to avoid them), and Spread Bazookas/grenades/the ER-0705 laser bazooka (if using a lightweight) to break his PA and blind him with smoke. 1: use missiles to kill his EN. 2: use Bazookas and grenades while he falls to earth. 3: hit him with tha blade, doesn't matter where as his PA is down and all his other weapons are EN based (No EN=No massive laser/plasma barrage), if you want, you could also add an Assault Armor attack just for fun.

IMPORTANT NOTE: when fighting the 00-ARETHA replica in Hard mode, this tactic works quite well for Gachirin, but NOT for ARETHA, stay at medium range and wait for it to stop and kneel, attempting to fire its Kojima cannon, hit it with the grenades/bazookas and rip it apart with your blade, try to attack it from behind as you will NOT be able to trash it before it fires, keep doing this untill it breaks down, 2-3 tries should be enough (when tested, 2 was enough though, on rare occasions when using the 04-ALICIA frame, 1 was enough as the high arm EN compatibility and the upward slashing motion of the blade strike allows greater power when attacking tall stationary targets).


  • Defeat AF Cabracan
    • Post-mission dialogue:
      • Take down the Cabracan? Is that even possible?
  • Defend Anti-Satellite Cannons
    • You're Collared's Lynx? I've heard of you. So... Thermidor has approved you. I hope you live up to your reputation.
    • I'll lead the attack with my assault cannon. Don't get in my way... it won't end well.
    • Well well, it's Wong Shao-Lung. It's just like him to prepare an ambush.
    • You'd best turn tail and run, Wong Shao-Lung. The battlefield is not a place for scheming old men.
    • (If he's defeated) I don't believe it, I'm finished. Sorry to trouble you... Lynx. Please, take care of the rest of them.
  • Attack Anti-Satellite Cannons
    • Malzel's recruits have their work cut out for them today. The League is serious about eliminating these batteries. I guess we'll see just how committed to the cause they really are... This operation will separate the wheat from the chaff.
    • You're like a child... cute, still learning how to walk?
    • Ah, so you're a Lynx after all. I guess that's why Thermidor holds you in high regard.
    • Damn it, is this the end of the line for me? Malzel, finish this.


  • Head Stabilizers
    • Head Top: None
    • Head R Side: None
    • Head L Side: None
  • Core Stabilizers
  • Arm Stabilizers
    • Arm Right: None
    • Arm Left: None
  • Leg Stabilizers
    • Legs Back: None
    • Legs R Upper: None
    • Legs L Upper: None
    • Legs R Middle: None
    • Legs L Middle: None
    • Legs R Lower: None
    • Legs L Lower: None



  • The Gachirin's LETHALDOSE Assault Cannon fires a powerful but slow ball of energy very similarly to the Seravee Gundam's GN Bazooka from Gundam 00.
  • Neo Nidus' dialogue ("It's just like him to prepare an ambush") hints that he has fought Wong Shao Lung in the past.
  • Neo Nidus' description implies him to be quite old, but in game his voice puts him in his mid-30s to 40s. His history with Wong Shao Lung also reinforces his older age.
  • Despite the Conclusion of the ORCA path it has remain unclear what happened to him afterwards, Thermidor stated that Strayed was the sole remaining Member of ORCA, which may lead to the possibility that either Neo canonically died defending the Satellite cannons with Strayed, or that Thermidor sent him off on a suicidal mission whether its for the Closed Plan or his betrayal act on behalf of Omer. Like the Answerer.
  • His NEXT shares the same name with a late generation 3 era flamethrower weapon.