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Nerves Concord was the successor to the Ravens' Nest in the Original Armored Core Universe. It played a prominent role in the events of the Armored Core 2 sequence.


Similar to the Ravens' Nest, Nerves Concord was devised as an arbitration group that stood between the Ravens and the corporations (as well as any other potential clients). Their job was to approve all client-Raven partnerships, for which they took a commission out of the reward being offered for successful completion by the Raven or Ravens recruited.


Nerves Concord was founded in the wake of the collapse of the Ravens' Nest at the end of the Subterranean Era. At its founding, the Earth Government laid down restrictions on the group, including filing records of all business transactions with the Government and the prohibition of AI pilots (such as Nine-Ball), so that they could ensure a measure of control over the actions of Ravens the world over to prevent the second-generation Corporations (Zio Matrix, Emeraude and Balena) from being able to carry out a war on the scale of the Deep Earth War.

Armored Core 2Edit

When Zio Matrix completed the Terraformation Project on Mars started by Murakumo Millenium and subsequently settled the surface with the other corporations, a special administrative branch of Nerves Concord was brought to Mars alongside them, as well as a large number of the Ravens who the corporate groups had worked with, who were seeking better business than was available on Earth due to the Government's various restrictions. Here on Mars, the Corporations and Concord together set up a system very similar to that of the Ravens' Nest and the first-generation Corporations during the Subterranean Era, in which the corporations recruited directly from the Concord without filing through the Earth Government first. This set up was vital to the eventual eruption of the war between Zio Matrix and Emeraude, as it allowed the corporate groups to easily recruit Ravens to their payroll.

Once the Earth Government heard about the conflict on Mars, they decided to intervene rather than allow it to continue unchecked. Their initial attempt to do this was through the LCC, but they decided not to send any Armored Core pilots to them, as all current Ravens worked for Nerves Concord, which was heavily entangled in the conflict. This led to the LCC having a major disadvantage on the planet, as they had no force that could go toe-to-toe with the Ravens of Zio Matrix and Emeraude.

Similarly, Balena was at a disadvantage in Nerves Concord's system, as its Mars division was underfunded and under supplied, which often led to it being outbid for Ravens by the larger groups. Seeing an opportunity to boost its position on both Earth and Mars, Balena approached the LCC and the two subsequently made a joint appeal to the Earth Government for a force of skilled Armored Core pilots to be deployed to Mars to intervene in the Zio-Emeraude War. Rather than recruit Ravens through the Nerves Concord (due to its involvement in the Mars Crisis), the Government approached a skilled group of former Ravens to make up its new team - the Frighteners. Leos Klein is selected as the leader of this group, and they are deployed to Mars.

Once there, the Frighteners prove to be the equal to any Concord Raven, and the LCC begins making substantial process in bringing an end to the conflict. Emeraude, frustrated that its efforts to seize power have been thwarted once again, orders its Mars executives to recruit a large force of Ravens for a coup d'etat against the Earth Government. Despite the large force they're able to bring to bear, they prove to be no match for the Frighteners and are crushed. As Emeraude is on the verge of dissolving completely in the face of relentless attacks from the LCC, Zio Matrix Mars uses its own force of Ravens from the Concord to launch a coup d'etat, although in clear violation of its Earth Headquarters' orders. Zio was able to recruit some of the best Ravens from Concord, and alongside their Mars force of MTs (the largest on the planet), prove to be more dangerous to the LCC. The group is still fighting back against this coup (albeit successfully) when the Frighteners suddenly turn on the LCC and destroy them.

Although this appears to be a victory for the corporations and Nerves Concord on Mars, Klein and the Frighteners suddenly turn on them as well, by activating every Disorder Unit on the surface of Mars. This action resulted in the destruction of all three corporate groups alongside the Mars division of Nerves Concord (although a few Ravens survived nonetheless), and opened the way for Klein to attempt to use the Phobos Superweapon. Ultimately, however, his plans are stopped by an unnamed Raven, and Klein dies in the core of Phobos, which self-destructs shortly after the final battle.

Armored Core 2: Another AgeEdit

In the wake of the events on Mars, Nerves Concord was devastated, having lost a large number of its Ravens on Mars' surface. However, using the Ravens that survived the Mars Crisis, as well as those who stayed behind on Earth, it is able to refill its roster in the half-decade after the Crisis. At the same time, though, Nerves Concord has a new set of restrictions put on it, as Ravens now need direct permission from the Earth Government in order to enter any urban center, and are completely forbidden from Earth Central, the capital and seat of power for the Government. Nonetheless, they are able to do thriving business with all three groups, and some even work for the interests of the Government through its main corporate ally, Balena.

At the same time, though, a large number of Ravens have taken up the cause of the Indies Rebel Group, either directly (in which case some of them are thrown out of Nerves Concord at the behest of the Earth Government) or covertly, with their paper trail covered by the Indies' secret corporate ally Balena.

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