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"Ah ha ha! Yes, you're here! Come on down and play! Ah ha ha ha!" - Nightingale to ACV's Protagonist.


A Migrant Pilot encountered in Armored Core V's Order Missions, Nightingale appears as the main enemy of Order Mission 09. He pilots the AC ZEEE.


Encountered in Order Mission 09 at the Abandoned Sector, Nightingale is a flippant, rowdy and (somewhat) crazy individual who enjoys toying with his opponents. His AC, ZEEE, is a low-cost, moderate-maintenance heavyweight bipedal known well, visually, for its bright-red (almost pink) coloration, dotted with multiple yellow star symbols. It features high AP and can be a major deterrent for new players, due to its weapon loadout.


In-game information: An AC constructed from heavyweight parts that is suited for medium-range firefights. Has low maneuverability, but features high-anti TE performance and durability. Excels at creating diversions with a Gatling gun and overwhelming its opponents with high firepower from its H.E.A.T. rockets. 

ZEEE is the first AC in the Order Mission to pose a significant challenge to newer players: High AP, durability and enough firepower to wreck nearly any AC it comes across, these attributes make ZEEE a threat to those who face it.

Overall, the AC's maneuverability is poor, having difficulty turning thanks to its heavy legs. When it comes to chasing after more mobile opponents, ZEEE lacks the agility to keep track of its targets and defeat them in one feel swoop. 


Like with Flame Fly, ZEEE isn't overly powerful, and can be defeated easily. 

As soon as you begin, head for the left or right. The developers were kind enough to allow newer players enough cover from a head-on clash with ZEEE, which also provides more advanced players the unique opportunity to gain an altitude advantage and rain down some hurt. 

Use the buildings for cover. The Gatling guns themselves are fairly weak, even for a full TE-focused heavy; but it recommended you remain mobile, as ZEEE will abuse the use of its HEAT rockets if you let it get a suitable lock on you. 

In this scenario, more mobile AC's will win outright in a damage race. Heavy support-based Tetra-pods (Sniper Cannons) and heavy assault tanks (Autocannons/HEAT Cannons/Cannons) are not primarily recommended for this fight, but they work as well. 

Like with Flame Fly, the AC has lower, overall durability when compared to later AC's of the same weight class, but can provide a moderate challenge for "those who are not in the know". 

Gain a mobility and/or altitude advantage, and like Flame Fly, ZEEE will fall under the rain of firepower you pour downwards from above. 

Overall, ZEEE is not too difficult to take down. However, get caught, and your AC will become scrap in less than twenty - thirty seconds. If you go up against this AC, exercise caution, otherwise you may end up having to retry several times. 


  • In the original Japanese version, Nightingale is a woman, explaining the bright pink-and-yellow paint scheme of ZEEE. It's unknown why her gender was changed in the localization.
  • Nightingale's AC ZEEE is one of the first AC's in the Order Missions to show an intermediary between JUNK and REPAIRED parts. After ZEEE is defeated, AC's encountered use JUNK parts less and less frequently. 
  • The AC name "ZEEE" may be a play on the sound of ACV's gatling guns discharging. This is heavily evident by the AC using said weapon in both hands.