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Nocturne - Emblem
General information
Classification Human
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Global Cortex
Occupation Raven
Rank B-5
Craft AC Zine
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core 3

Nocturne is a Raven appearing in Armored Core 3. His rank is B-5 in the Arena.


Nocturne was a Mirage hired Raven who had been ordered to defend Rehito Laboratory. While carrying out this responsibility, he came to engage The Raven. The Raven had had been contracted by Union to steal the mainframe's data. While Nocturne very much respected The Raven, he lived for the sake of combat. The two fought within the broken down facility and Nocturne was ultimately defeated.


"Infiltrate Rehito Lab"[]

  • We’re both Ravens...just do what comes naturally. Don’t think about it.
  • Aaargh!(when defeated)

AC Zine[]

AC Zine

AC Zine

Zine is a middleweight bipedal AC built for close range combat. It is equipped with an overboost core, solid anti missile extensions, two identical triple rocket launchers on the back, a double-barreled shotgun and the MOONLIGHT laser blade. Due to the unit being equipped with OP-INTENSIFY it can fire blade waves.



Nocturne is encountered in the mission Infiltrate Rehito Lab as an enemy most likely hired by Mirage. He is defeated by The Raven who was in the process of escaping with the Mirage mainframe data.

In-Game Information[]

He prefers close range combat and is adept with the blade. A favorite tactic makes use of his core's overboost function to gain ground on an opponent, whereupon his fury is unleashed. He is quick to anger, especially if struck by another's blade.


Nocturne's Zine is a close-range AC done right. Accordingy, he is one of the most aggressive pilots in the Arena, and you will need a lot of speed himself to keep up with him. Nocturne will use Overboost to rush in while searching for an opening to swing his MOONLIGHT, all while shooting you with triple rockets or double-barreled shotgun. He does go airborne regularly, so aiming up will help. In spite of his highly aggressive combat style, Nocturne isn't without weaknesses; he can run out of energy while Overboosting, and you can take advantage of it to rip him to shreds. Zine has limited durability and can't withstand sustained punishment. It's also rather easy to stun him given his legs' choice offer poor stability. Whatever you do, don't stand directly in front of him or he will continually spam his MOONLIGHT blade, which can unleash blade waves and deal serious damage to even heavy-defense ACs. The triple rockets will run out quickly as well as long as you keep outstrafing him, leaving him mostly with his shotgun, which can hurt but quickly loses effectiveness outside close range. Nocturne's predilection towards MOONLIGHT jousting makes him a predictable target every time he attempts an Overboost rush - he will come to an abrupt halt after each charge, making it a good opening for a counterattack.

It is also perfectly viable to beat Nocturne at his own game; take a fast booster (he already uses the most powerful one himself so that is a clear choice) and stay at middle range while circlestrafing with him. Do not come too close or you might run into a sudden MOONLIGHT blow, in addition to the shotgun blasts that become considerably harder to avoid. It is possible to dodge most of the incoming shotgun pellets with rapid weaves to throw off Nocturne's lock-on, but this is going to cost you a lot of energy and reduce your ability to counterfire. Instead, harrying Nocturne while kiting him at comfortable distance is the way to go. Combined with opportune dodging and punishing Nocturne's jousting, this strategy will secure you a clear win.

In the mission, Nocturne is much less reliant on his blade and will constantly glide around the room while pelting you with his shotgun or rockets. Given that you will most likely sustain some damage from the enemies before and that the room itself is in a confined space, it makes this fight quite difficult but not impossible. The central generators in the room provide adequate cover, so make use of it to avoid Nocturne's shots. Make sure you have enough ammo to take care of Nocturne as he does have a good bit of AP (despite not being at full durability). Also, since Nocturne rarely uses his blade here, blades can also be used against him, though it runs the risk of you absorbing shotgun bullets or his rockets (especially his rockets become more difficult to avoid in these conditions), so watch out.



The name Nocturne refers to a musical composition that is inspired by, or evocative of, the night.


  • If you haven't faced him in the Arena, and you defeat him in the mission, he will be removed from the Arena rankings.
  • Nocturne's unusual comment in the mission encounter about fighting without thinking might hint that he is a follower of philosophy of zen, seeking the greater understanding and connection to the world beyond the regular, rational comprehension. Since the practice of zen emphasizes immersion into the natural flow of all things, it would then help explain his excpetionally calm demeanor during the confrontation. In this light, it is then possible that the name of his AC, Zine, is actually a misspelling of "Zen".