Normal ACs
UniverseAC4 Universe
AppearancesArmored Core 4
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Normal ACs, usually shortened to Normals, are in essence the first generation of Armored Cores within the Armored Core 4 Universe. Unlike in earlier Armored Core games, Normals are relatively low cost, mass produced, and non-customizable mechanized units, similar to General Purpose Armored Cores. They are used as the primary ground forces of the companies, usually deployed with conventional units and saw widespread use in the National Dismantlement War.

Normals do not use Kojima Particles. They have been shown in battle to be ineffective against NEXTs unless deployed in massive numbers, and even then are still ineffective against skilled pilots such as Lynx.

List of known NormalsEdit


  • AC4 Normal

    A Normal in the scrapped AC4 Opening

    In a now-defunct opening cinematic for Armored Core 4 featuring Noblesse Oblige, it appears that many of the enemy Normals resemble original baseline AC's that the player begins with in previous Armored Core games.
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