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ORCA's Banner

ORCA is a faction that operates with some assistance, secretly, from the higher ups of The League. Their goal is to carry out the Closed Plan, and save the planet from death. They have 12 main members, all of them Lynx (they also have a number of MT and Normal pilots, which can be seen in Hard Mode Attack Anti-Satellite Cannons, referred to as Neo Nidus' recruits, as well as several of their own custom Arms Forts, referred to as the 'Jet-Type'). The leaders of ORCA are Maximilian Thermidor and Malzel, who act in the interests of former Rayleonard, the original creators of the Closed Plan.

Lynx roster Edit

Rank Image Lynx NEXT Notes
1 Order Match preview Unsung Maximilian Thermidor Unsung One of the original five, and the leader of ORCA.
2 Order Match preview Gachirin Neo Nidus Gachirin One of the original five.
3 Order Match preview Asterism Julius Emery Asterism One of the original five.
4 Order Match preview Lisa Old King Lisa Leader of Liliana.
5 Order Match preview Split Moon Shinkai Split Moon One of the original five.
6 Order Match preview Gleditsia Vaoh Gleditsia Malzel's bodyguard
7 Order Match preview Opening Malzel Opening ORCA's second-in-command and strategist.
8 Order Match preview Gray Gloom Totient Gray Gloom Formerly one of Collared's Top 10 Lynx.
9 Order Match preview Yoroi Mogura PQ Yoroi Mogura
10 Order Match preview Krasnaya ORCA Hari Krasnaya Double agent at Collared
11 Order Match preview Big Barrel Buppa Zu Gan Big Barrel
12 Order Match preview Ferrum Solidus Luster 18 Ferrum Solidus

ORCA's Arms FortsEdit

Besides their NEXTs and Normal units, ORCA has also mass-produced a type of Arms Fort known as the Jet. These are land-based machines, with a teardrop shape and heavy armor except for a small exhaust port on the upper side. Besides utilizing similar technology to Stigro's "Laser Plow" for ground level defense, they are also capable of utilizing ranged lasers embedded throughout the structure.

They were produced in varying sizes, as several large units appear in the League Path mission "Destroy ORCA's Special AF Unit", while at least one smaller unit appears in the League Path mission "Defend Arteria Cranium" (Hard Mode).


Order Match profilesEdit



  • An "Orca" is another name for a Killer Whale. The colors of a Killer Whale's appearance are black and white which is the same colors used by ORCA's logo.
  • Each star on ORCA's banner represents one of the original five members. One star is missing, which is meant to symbolize Maximilian Thermidor's absence while masquerading as Otsdarva.
  • Shinkai, Thermidor, Julius, and Neo Nidus have been confirmed to be the original or the Big Five, but for some odd reason there was no mention of who exactly was the 5th member. some highly beileved that it was Old King because 5th order Rank in the ORCA matches, then there's Malzel who had a much larger reputation in ORCA as Thermidors right hand man.  The closing Cinematic that leads to Thermidor's proclamation of the Leagues sin has brought the big five to light as they make their declaration to purge the mistakes the companies have made, but instead of Old King underneath the ORCA banner it was Malzel. This clearly shows that Malzel is in fact one of the Big five and not Old King.
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