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Destroy Base Computer

The Base Computer.

Old Military Facility is a location in Armored Core. It is located above ground and Southwest of Isaac City.


Old Military Facility is almost entirely made up of long, empty winding corridors snaking further and further down. It was originally constructed before the Great Destruction and has the potential of harboring advanced and ancient technology. The Earth Environment Reclamation Committee was the first group to receive word of the facility and attempted to keep it secret from the corporations. This ultimately fails however when automated Crusader MTs sprout from the facility to destroy a survey team. The EERC hires The Raven to save the team and clear out the facility. With the news of the facility, The EERC appeared to hire Murakumo Millenium to defend the location. Chrome sends in The Raven to enter the facility and destroy its main data banks. In sharp contrast to the rest of the facility, the main data room shows an incredible level of technological advancement. With its destruction, it is assumed that the location has been abandoned.

Old Military Facility is an area of combat for the missions: