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The Omer Group is a collection of corporations united under the banner of Omer Science.


The Omer Group originally began as the Rosenthal Group before the events of Armored Core 4, consisting purely of the Rosenthal Corporation, and its subsidiary, Omer Science Technology. Throughout this period, the Rosenthal Group consisted solely of the two companies, although Omer in particular had a strong alliance with Eqbal and their subsidiary, Technocrat. Rosenthal also maintained relatively peaceful relations with the Bernard and Felix Foundation, with the internal components of all BFF NEXTs at the time being of Rosenthal and Omer design. After BFF's destruction, the Rosenthal Group allied themselves with the GA Group in order to combat the increasing strength of Rayleonard and Akvavit.

By the time of Armored Core: For Answer, the group had been rebranded as the Omer Group due to Omer's sudden surge in dominance, developing from a mere subsidiary of Rosenthal into one of the most dominant and influential corporations in the world. This forced Rosenthal into a back seat, although they remained on good terms with Omer Science, albeit with somewhat of a role reversal. By this point, the group had expanded to officially include Eqbal, now known as Algebra, and Technocrat into the Omer Group. The newly arisen Aspina Corporation makes its debut as part of the Omer Group and an affiliate of Omer Science. The alliances with BFF and Global Armaments no longer exist, with these corporations now existing as one of the Omer Group's primary competitors.

Member Corporations[]

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