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The Ootheca is an unusual type of large missile that is first seen launched by the EZ-06 Argus and later by F21C Stork. They appears in Armored Core V being used by The Corporation as well as in Armored Core: Verdict Day.


The Ootheca is large AC-sized missile that therefore cannot be launched by any normal-sized mech, including ACs. It is seen to be launched by the Argus and Stork, out of specially built holders. Multiple launchers can be loaded onto Argus Train cars.

Pod Projectile

Ootheca sub-projectile

The Ootheca does not deal damage directly, indeed many of the times it is encountered it has already impacted the ground. Instead, it launches massive volleys of snake-like blue missiles that home in on their targets, leaving behind zigzagging blue streams.


  • AP: 2000
  • KE: 100
  • CE: 100
  • TE: 100


The Ootheca is named after a covered collection of eggs, which its design lives up to its namesake very fittingly.