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Classification Occupation
Appearances Armored Core,
Armored Core: Project Phantasma,
Armored Core: Master of Arena,
Armored Core 2,
Armored Core 2: Another Age,
Armored Core 3,
Silent Line: Armored Core,
Armored Core: Nexus,
Armored Core: Last Raven,
Armored Core 4,
Armored Core: For Answer,
Armored Core V,
Armored Core: Verdict Day,

Operators are support personnel who are "partners" so to speak of Ravens and Lynx who pilot Armored Cores. While they do not control the AC itself, their jobs usually consist of remotely monitoring the unit's vital stats (namely, their AP), updating the Raven/Lynx of changes in combat (such as the arrival of reinforcements) or directing them towards designated targets; this allows the AC pilot to focus their attention entirely on combat. Operators are staple of the series and are present in almost every single game.

Operators in the Armored Core Series[]

Armored Core[]

While not technically an Operator, R was an AI from the Ravens' Nest that managed the Ravens day to day missions.

Armored Core: Project Phantasma[]

Sumika Juutilainen - A Raven working in Amber Crest, she becomes semi-operator for the Raven after he rescues her from the Doomsday Organization and gives missions.

Armored Core: Master of Arena[]

Lana Nielsen - An operator working for the Raven's Nest. Seemingly sympathetic, she seeks out The Raven after he becomes a Raven and serves as his manager, promising to eventually lead the player into a confrontation with Nine Ball. However, after The Raven repeatedly ignores her warnings by taking on missions directly from PROGTECH instead of through the Ravens' Nest, she breaks off all contact with him and tells him to die.

She is eventually revealed to be the same AI as Hustler-One and controlled Nine-Ball to destroy anything that can become Irregular.

Elan Cubis - While not technically an Operator, Elan serves as a supporter for The Raven in later half of the game after Lana Nielsen's departure.

Armored Core 2[]

Nell Aulter - An operator from Nerves Concord, she works with the Raven in AC2. She is 25 years old. She is the first Operator to be shown to develop true compassion and possible romantic feelings for the Raven. Only Fiona Jarnefeldt has the same affection for her Raven.

Armored Core 2: Another Age[]

Unlike in other games, the Operator is never given a name, but is known to be female.

Armored Core 3[]

Laine Meyers - The liaison representative from Global Cortex, Laine manages the Ravens affairs, include missions and pay. Although she generally does take the Raven's side, she is at the same time being conflicted by the necessity of the Controller.

Armored Core: Silent Line []

Emma Sears - The Raven's operator assigned by Global Cortex.

Armored Core: Nexus[]

Like Another Age, the Operator is never identified. During Jack-O's restructuring of the Ravens' Ark, the Raven receives a new Operator, also unnamed.

Armored Core: Formula Front[]

As ACs are unmanned and used for recreational purposes, Operators are nonexistent.

Armored Core: Nine Breaker[]


Armored Core: Last Raven[]

Sheila Caldwell - a mission operation specialist responsible for providing information and support to her Raven clientele. She used to be a director for Mirage's Information Department, but left after the Attack of the Unmanned Suicide Weapons.

Ed Weisz- a military researcher who gathers and analyzes information relating to various conflicts and battles. He used to make a living performing these duties for the corporations, but now works for the Ravens.

Armored Core 4[]

Fiona Jarnefeldt - Operator for Anatolia's Mercenary, she later develops romantic feelings for him and leaves Anatolia.

Emil Gustav - In the hard mode of Marche Au Supplice, Emil takes over as operator for the mission. Fiona is distressed as the raven must take on Berlioz's entire squad in a 4 on 1 fight, which is tantamount to suicide, and insistently pulls back to safety. Emil however is confident in his ability. At the end of the mission, he tells the raven " she's waiting for you here", meaning Fiona.

Armored Core: For Answer[]

Serene Haze - Operator for Strayed; speaks with great seniority, hinting her past as a Lynx.

Fiona Jarnefeldt - Now works as the Operator for Line Ark's White Glint.

Armored Core V[]

The Operator is now a playable position in Armored Core V. Beyond just mission briefing, the Operator is also responsible for relaying real time information to AC pilots, marking targets, and setting rally points on the battlefield.

During Story Mode, the player has several operators:

Rosary - The pilot of a F21C Stork Helicopter and former member of the Men of Honor Compose Corps

Fran - the new leader of the Resistance

R.D. - Rosary's assistant who has a knack for detecting danger

Leon - a general in the Resistance.

During Mission 00, Carol, a member of the Corporation, acts as your operator.

Armored Core Verdict Day[]

Just like in Armored Core V, Operator is a playable position. This position is primarily in charge of relaying real-time info to AC pilots, marking targets or setting rally points on the battlefield. This role is often featured in Multiplayer Sorties, be it Normal or Special Sorties.

Throughout the course of the story, there are two operators prominently featured:

006 thumb6

Fatman, one of the operators of the Lone Mercenary

Maggy/Blue Magnolia - a former mercenary, reported to be at least 25 years old at the time of the game. While she's young enough to be considered Fatman's daughter, she is every bit his equal. In contrast with Fatman's laid back and more level-headed nature, Maggy is be hot-headed and anxious, often making brash decisions on the move. Late in the game, Maggy is invited by The Foundation to return to the battlefield in an AC, which ends with her leaving the player and joining the Reaper Squad.

Fatman - a long-time veteran of the Verdict War, reported to be at least 62 years old at the time of the game. Fatman's real name is never implied nor mentioned throughout the story, although at several points in the game, many other mercenaries/AC pilots have referenced him or mentioned him directly, indicating that he is well-known among mercs and has a history of partnerships with a handful of them. Nonetheless, he shows great respect for the player due to his ability in surviving difficult situations. After Maggy leaves, Fatman takes over her duties as an operator in addition to piloting the Stork.


In Fires of Rubicon, the role of the operator is initially filled solely by Handler Walter, who also serves as the employer of the player character C4-621 Raven. Walter is mainly in charge of brokering missions with the off-world corporations who have set their sights on Rubicon, while also at times giving his own missions to Raven to further his own personal goals. During missions, he provides objectives and intel, marking targets and enemy reinforcements.

Later on, Raven comes into Contact with Ayre, a Rubiconian. Though not an operator in the standard sense, Ayre provides support much like Walter, able to mark mission objectives and other targets of interest, as well as hack into machines in order to gain access or take them over. Due to her nature, she is able to provide support even when normally Walter would not be able to communicate with Raven, such as when distance or ECM interference is causing issues. Ayre will also provide Raven with missions of her own, usually from the Rubicon Liberation Front or from herself.

During some missions, "Cinder" Carla will also act in an operator's capacity, usually during jobs in which she hires Raven.


In-game information[]

Armored Core: Verdict Day[]

VoW Archive 08: Operators[]
Combat support personnel, equipped with high-spec detection and communications technology.

They gather detection form multiple ACs, process it collectively, then supply intelligence to their partners via beacons or other landmarks.

Skilled operators function as more than simple aides, instead filling the role of commanders conducting troops across the battlefield. This allows for tightly choreographed team maneuvers normally impossible for a gathering of individual pilots.

At their best, operators shape and control the flow of combat, and determine its outcome.

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