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Order Mission 81 is a post-storyline mission in Armored Core V. It takes place in the Abandoned City Sector.


This is a 2 on 1 fight. You'll face Zodiacs No.3 and No.10.

No.3 is a tetrapod sniper unit and No.10 is a tank type that mainly uses pulse guns. 



Armored Core V Order Mission 81

These two ACs compliment each other well as one can keep you suppressed whilst the other snipes you. No.3 (Pisces) is the sniper unit, but uses a long range charged energy cannon which takes a lot of AP away rather than a traditional sniper rifle. The pair of ACs start on the other side of the river and usually stay there. A suggested strategy is to go to the right of the map and cross the water (not the bridge), using the ship for cover, and get behind the buildings on the other side of the river. Use powerful Gatling guns to duck-and-cover to take down No.10 (Libra). Once he's down, boost (watching fire from No.3) to Pisces' position and engage with the Gatling guns, he should still be in fire ready position which will give you a chance to damage him with no return fire. A harder strategy is to close in as described above, but then boost and blade the enemy. 

Ultimate Weapons aren't too useful here. If you can get a shot, the Giga Cannon could take one or both of them out, but trying to get a decent shot is hard due to level of fire and/or mobility of the enemies. Grind Blade or Mass Blade will work, but you'll need near perfect timing. Essentially, if you can use them effectively you can do it fast, if not you could be worse off trying to use them.