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An Original is a LYNX who has been piloting NEXTs since the time of the National Dismantlement War - the time of the creation of the 'original' NEXT technology.

Originals consider themselves to be the 'chosen' few; only 26 pilots are classed as Originals. They are ranked from 1 through 26 in the order of their accomplishments on the battlefield. Most of the Originals were killed during the Lynx War, either in conflict with one another, or at the hands of the new generation of Lynx (such as Anatolia's Mercenary).

List of Originals and their NEXTsEdit

Rank LYNX NEXT Affiliation
1 Berlioz Supplice Rayleonard
2 Sadhana Atman Eqbal
3 Anjou Orleans Rayleonard
4 Leonhardt Noblesse Oblige Rosenthal
5 Mary Shelley Prometheus Bernard and Felix Foundation
6 Celo Testament Omer Science Technology
7 Tepes V Silver Bullet Akvavit
8 Wong Shao-Lung Strix Quadruped Bernard and Felix Foundation
9 Sir Maurescu Lambda Leonemeccanica
10 Menno Ruh Primitive Light GA America
11 Aabye Memento Mori Rayleonard
12 Zanni Roughcut Rayleonard
13 Palmette Anzu Omer Science Technology
14 Sherring Critique Aldra
15 Unseel Red Cap Bernard and Felix Foundation
16 Kasumi Sumika Ciliegio Leonemeccanica
17 K.K. Liver Drive Eqbal
18 Stiletto Les Annees Folles Melies
19 Francisca Helix I Bernard and Felix Foundation
20 Eugene Helix II Bernard and Felix Foundation
21 P.Dam Hilarios Akvavit
22 Mrs. Theresia Karyon GA Europe
23 Unknown Unknown Unknown
24 Warcar Kurumagakari Arisawa Heavy Industries
25 Borisovich Bogomol Technocrat
26 Nadezhda Droit Fevered Flow Eqbal
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