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AC Bouncer
General information
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Men of Honor
Occupation AC pilot
Craft Bouncer
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core V

Oswald is an elite mercenary in the Men of Honor, and a trusted ally of the MOH's leader, Regan. He is encountered twice in Armored Core V's Order Mission storyline. He is voiced by Kotaro Nakamura in the JP version.


  • "Don't worry, I'll be with you to the end."
  • "Poor child...."
  • "Cordelia chooses freedom over a life of obligation. She won't be coming back, she is not your enemy. It's time you accepted that."
  • "I don't believe it!"
  • "Hmm.... I was lucky this time."

AC Bouncer[]

As a bipedal heavy-weight geared towards medium-long range combat, AC Bouncer utilizes a high-powered plasma gun for medium range combat and can pack a punch if you are not fully TE resistant. He also uses a highly accurate second generation battle rifle, a high capacity laser rifle, and a sniper rifle with high projectile velocity. A set of high-speed missiles with good stunning capacity add to the unit's long-range capabilities.


AP: 41,237

KE: 1560

CE: 2036

TE: 2968


When fighting, he can be seen cumbersomely moving around during your first encounter, mostly running away from the player, giving you a large advantage when fighting him. On the second encounter, however, he is far tougher, and can be found on the right side of the city quickboosting between the buildings. Eventually, his AC will burst out of the tight labyrinth and successively rain down concentrated firepower on the player's AC. It is recommended that you use a mobile AC to be able to dodge his attacks. At long range he will utilize his laser and sniper rifle but both have a low rate of fire, giving the player a good advantage at close range. At close to medium range he is most likely to use his high powered plasma gun and battle rifle, with their medium-high rate of fire, hence the necessity of a mobile AC.


  • Head: Roland HD41
  • Core: Jotun CR113-2
  • Arms: Elbe AM28-2
  • Legs: KT-3N4
  • FCS: Unknown
  • Generator: Unknown
  • Booster: UBT-25/H
  • Recon: Unknown
  • R. Arm: Lotus BR429
  • L. Arm: UPG-16 Gardena
  • Shoulder: Pueraria HSM303
  • Ultimate Weapon: --
  • R. Bay: USR-12/V
  • L. Bay: ULR-22/R


  • Oswald is in fact a Ukrainian name that was usually given to people born in January.
  • The name 'Bouncer' is actually another name for a bodyguard.
  • Regan, Rosary (Cordelia) and Oswald are all reference to the play King Lear by Shakespeare.