PQ is a Lynx who appears in Armored Core: For Answer. He is ranked #9 among the ORCA Lynxes.


This Lynx pilots a heavy reverse-legged craft. Renowned for clearing the Andes of guerrilla fighters, he has an edge in chaotic battles, quietly waiting to deliver the fatal blow. "Yoroi Mogura" is the name of his beloved pet. He appears in the hard mode version of Defeat Unknown NEXT+No Count.

NEXT Yoroi Mogura Edit

PQ's brown and green NEXT Yoroi Mogura favors missiles in it's design. Externally, it uses a rare SOLDNER-G9 frame although with a C01-TELLUS core, emphasizing energy defense while having above-average solid-shell defense, though suffering slightly from the Y-01's low core PA. Strong generator and reverse-joint legs mean that Yoroi Mogura has a respectable flight time, consistent with its vertical missiles for ground attack role. Yoroi Mogura is armed with OSAGE03 Vertical-Launch Enhanced Agility Missiles, and a TORUS-built ZINC Vertical-Launch Kojima Missile, his single most destructive weapon. Rounding off his loadout is a deadly pair of LR02-ALTAIR Medium Laser Rifle and a 050ANSR Medium Sniper Rifle.

NEXT Yoroi Mogura


Order MatchEdit

PQ enjoys launching barrages of vertical launch and Kojima missiles, while attacking every once in a while with his laser or sniper rifle, particularly when he depletes his missile arsenal. If you attempt to get in close, he will employ Assault Armor to ward you off. As long as you can dodge his missiles, you'll be fine.


Encountered in the mission "Defeat Unknown NEXT+No Count, he is the third enemy NEXT in this mission. Having a Kojima weapon means that Yoroi Mogura can easily destroy an inexperienced player along with the combined threat of other NEXTs. Defeating Yoroi Mogura then becomes an exercise of choosing targets wisely and dodging his ever-lethal Kojima missiles.

Defeat No Count first, as he provides quite the support in the form of his ECM. After that, focus on either Yoroi Mogura or Big Barrel. Should you go for Yoroi Mogura, keep in mind that his defense is quite formidable, and defeating him while under fire from Big Barrel's accurate Hand Missile will be frustrating. However, it is better to defeat him as quickly as possible, because while lethal, dodging Yoroi Mogura's missiles are much easier than dodging his sniper and laser rifle attacks. Also, PQ has a habit of firing his Kojima missiles indiscriminately, such that sometimes, the Kojima fallout affects his teammates, or even himself, making him an easy target while his Primal Armor is down.

Of course, hiring a escort is always a good option. While Roy Saaland is the best-equipped for this mission, Wynne D Fanchon's energy weaponry can defeat Big Barrel and No Count easily, and even Ay-Pool's missile barrage can dent Yoroi Mogura's armor quite nicely.



  • Yoroi Mogura, in its katakana name, refers to Macropanesthia rhinoceros, a type of insect that can be kept as pets. His emblem displays this species. The kanji name as shown in the Japanese version has the characters "armor" (yoroi) and "mole" (mogura) together.
  • PQ's Yoroi Mogura has the dubious honor of being destroyed by Collared Rank #2 Lilium Wolcott in the League Path Ending Cinematic. The prototype footage also has him defeated, although by Wynne D Fanchon instead.
  • Originally PQ was suppose to be a replacement for Patch the Good Luck when set to hard mode due to their long range supportive roles. This mechanic was however not added due to the unchanged difficulty settings and not leaving enough pressure for the Player AC and the hired ally mercenary.