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Paradox - Emblem
General information
Classification Human
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Global Cortex
Occupation Raven
Rank E-14
Craft AC Zak
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core 3

Paradox is a Raven appearing in Armored Core 3. He is ranked E-14 in the Arena. He is partnered with Paranoia in the Extra Arena and they hold the title of the twentieth highest ranked team.

AC Zak[]

AC Zak

AC Zak

Zak is a middleweight AC equipped with an overboost core, energy pack extension, back mounted quad laser cannons, and spread laser weapon arms. Zak's lock-on range is roughly the same size as it is, so only an AC that is standing still has to worry about being hit. Given the lack of an OP-INTENSIFY part, the quad cannon poses a small threat.



In-Game Information[]

A former street magician, he's taken the show on the road and now performs only for his Arena fans. Winning isn't important to him, it's the spectacle of it. He views Paranoia, who has a similar background, as a rival.


This opponent is even more of a joke than Paranoia. The players have little to fear from Paradox who will often equip his quad laser cannon. This weapon will force him to remain stationary, giving players an opportunity to deal large amounts of damage. Aside from that, he is forgetful and leaves the quartet cannon active for long periods of time without deploying it, meaning that he runs about defenceless. That turns him into a truly pitiful target. Occasionally, Paradox will equip his weapon arms which the player would do well to avoid, by staying outside close range. Even then, just like his back weapon, the spread lasers consume lot of energy to fire, hindering Zak's mobility down into snail-like pace. All things considered, Paradox is not going to hit you seriously unless you ask for it and run right into his weapon arms; otherwise, he will be overpowered with trivial ease.



The name Paradox refers to a statement that apparently contradicts itself and yet might be true.