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Phobos is the final mission in Armored Core 2 and is a two-part level.


Requester: Earth Government

Advance: 120000

Upon success: 0

Theater of operations: Phobos

Enemy forces: Unknown

Objective: Eliminate Klein

File No: T-RK-0154

Code Name: Bad Days

Client: Earth Government

Opponent: Special Forces

Place: Phobos

Weather: -

Mission Start Time: 9:20

Estimated Success Rate: Unknown


We've received a transmission for Phobos, from none other than Leos
Klein himself. The content of this transmission was shocking to say the

According to him, Phobos is an artifact left by an ancient Martian
civilization. He claims it's an enormous mobile weapon, controlled by a
high-tech computer.

We had a hard time believing him, but there is evidence to support his
claim. According to recent calculations, Phobos' orbit has already

Now whether it's a weapon or not, if Phobos plummets to the Martian
surface, the damage it would do to mankind would be irreparable. This
is our last request. You must stop Klein.

If this mission succeeds, we'll grant the Ravens their freedom. We'll
relinquish our control and allow you to live independently as
mercenaries. This is a promise.

This is the greatest reward ever offered to a Raven. I wouldn't advise
you to pass up this kind of an opportunity. We'll await your return.



Remille: "Klein...Why...? We were...nothing but...pawns?"

Klein: "We all make mistakes, don’t you think Raven? We humans need strict supervision. We cannot live on our own. A state dedicated solely to Ravens...I’m a realist, not some fool. All that I’ve wanted to do was to revive the ways of old...Die, rebel!!!"

Klein: "Ra...ven..."

Nell: "Phobos’ orbit altered! It’s falling toward the Martian surface!!"

Klein: "Destroy...the orbit-control mechanism...Phobos will...stop when you do so..."

Nell: "Phobos’ orbit deteriorating! You’ll never make it!"

Nell: "Get out! Hurry!!"

Klein: "Raven..."

Klein: "What is it that you wish...?"


This is the final mission of this game and is split into 2 parts. This is arguably the most difficult mission in the game, and requires you to have a bio-sensor as the final boss is a boss-level Disorder Unit. It is recommended to bring powerful weapons to this mission as you will deal with rather durable enemies, the Karasawa is recommended to have. Along with it, bring a missile launcher or a rocket launcher as well.

The first part requires you to navigate your way through to the end of the level. First off, head down the first few hallways, they will lead you to a circular room where there're turrets and walking Disorder Units. They don't need to be destroyed but they can deal a lot of damage if you stick around too long, so move quickly. There're 6 generators that is producing a bluish force field in the center, destroy all 6 of the generators (preferably with a blade) and the force field will disappear. Once that is done, head down to the center where there's a door that will open up. You will then head down further via a holographic elevator, which will then lead you to another corridor which will lead you to another circular room. There's a door in that circular room (don't bother with the turrets on the ceiling), head down it and you will descend a shaft. Below the shaft is another door that will open, head through it and there's a another door in a room down below (ignore the Disorder Units in there), head through the door and it will lead you down a long corridor. At the end of the corridor, there will be a door, behind this door there's a flying Disorder Unit. This is the same Disorder Unit encountered in Spacestation Assault, use your missiles/rockets to pound it repeatedly and it should go down rather quickly. Inside the same room, there're 4 ceiling turrets that are optional to destroy. After the Disorder Unit is destroyed, head through the door at the end of the room (the door will not open until the Disorder Unit has been destroyed), which will lead you down another long corridor. Head down the corridor and the door at the end will lead you to the second part.

The second part is continued from the long corridor, only you are through the door already and you start from there. Along the corridor you encounter Remille, who's already apparently disabled/defeated. Your weapons won't do any damage to her, so don't bother trying to hit her. She will make a shocked/defeated statement about that she was used as a pawn by Klein. After that encounter, continue along and head to the door at the end.

As you walk through the door, you will then encounter the REAL man himself. Having revealed to be piloting a huge Disorder Unit mech, he will then comment about how the human race needs supervision and cannot be trusted to live on their own. After he finishes, he will then engage you and this is where the real fight begins. Your job is take down that massive Disorder mech (which you will need a bio-sensor to be able to lock-on to). It is quite durable and is also surprisingly mobile despite its huge size, you will have to be on your toes. Furthermore, his weapons can do some nasty damage if they connect, so don't get hit too many times. His multi missiles are his most dangerous weapons and is quite possibly the hardest to avoid, so having some higher defense or AP will help. These missiles are rather agile and persistent, and they will often try to home on you in more than one lap, so have to stay on guard even after their initial pass. His other weapons don't deal as much damage so you don't need to pay attention to those. Watch out for his missiles and strafe to avoid them. Boosting forward just after their launch helps to lead them into the floor, but will not nullify their threat. It is actually possible to also blade him up close, though he does tend to change directions abruptly so time the blade swings correctly. Sometimes Klein will fly his big mech towards the ceiling, making aiming harder - best you can do is to fly up with him and take him down as quickly as possible.

After the huge mech is destroyed, it will then blow up and reveal a smaller, slimmer Filial Disorder Unit inside it. The second part of the fight begins, your AP & ammo are replenished and you're up against this smaller and slimmer Filial. This enemy is much more dangerous and mobile than the earlier one, possessing a spread laser cannon that can stun you (even from afar), dual Moonlight-esque blades like the Predicator Disorder Unit and orbit cannons, in addition to an overboost function of its own. The unit will use its spread laser cannon to full effect, often strafing and even overboosting around while blasting you repeatedly. Fire whenever you get a lock on him and if he gets close to try to blade you, overboost away from him. He will also fire orbit cannons from a distance so be mindful of that too - keep moving to throw their aim off you. At this point, it becomes a damage race, whoever deals more damage in the short span of time wins the battle. It is not recommended to blade Filial as his spread laser cannon's stun will cancel your blade animation up close, not to mention that spread laser cannon also produces a high amount of heat stress. Stay away from him as much as possible and hit him with everything you got. Evasion is difficult because of Filial's high overall mobility, topped off by its powerful overboost. To make matters worse, its spread laser cannon can catch you from quite a distance and flinch your AC reliably, which makes it easy to set you up for an overboost assault + Moonlight slash combo. Therefore, it might be advisable to instead focus on the offense, and hit Filial hard enough that it falls before it has a chance to pummel your AC into submission. Klein's aggressive tactics might be exploited by throwing as much heavy ordnance as you can at him when he tries to assault you head on - do not get intimidated and just fire at Filial right into its face. As Filial's defence is not as advanced as its firepower, it will not take long before it is finished, and Klein with it.

After Filial goes down, then Nell says that Phobos' orbit has altered and is falling towards Mars. In a final gesture of good wiil, Klein then tells you to destroy the orbit control mechanism that is located at the back of the room. Destroy it and Nell will then tell you to get out before Phobos disintegrates. However, it's ultimately pointless as the door that you came from is locked and you cannot open it, but it does not matter. At this point, the mission is already over and you can take a break, for you have beaten the game.


  • Remille only appears already destroyed, having apparently been betrayed by Klein.
  • You should equip a head with a bio sensor for this mission.



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