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Pin Fire - Emblem

Pin Fire's Emblem

Pin Fire is a Raven in Armored Core: Nexus and is the father of Rim Fire, who would later take his AC name in Armored Core: Last Raven. He is ranked 9th in the Arena and is a Human PLUS like his son.[1]


A cold and calculating man, Pin Fire mainly takes a job for Navis. He is considered very skilled and maintains a high rank among the Ravens. During the course of the Mirage/Navis conflict, he is hired by Navis to protect the Borbos Mine. Near the entrance of the mine, he encountered the Raven and was killed in the ensuing battle. His son, Rim Fire, would end up taking up Bullet Life name as his AC and continuing his father's legacy. Rim Fire tried to challenge his father's killer in Arena, but was defeated.

AC Bullet Life[]

AC Bullet Life

AC Bullet Life

Mid to heavyweight Quad-leg AC model with unique tan on black camouflage that has impressive close-range damage potential. Equipped with dual FINGER machine guns as its main weapons as well as a chain gun and missile launchers, this version of Bullet Life is just as deadly as its successor at close range. The unit is also equipped with OP-INTENSIFY, enabling it to boost for prolonged periods of time, despite the AC not having enough energy supplied (shortage of EN) for boosting.



Pin Fire’s real threat lies in his dual FINGER machine guns which can shred AP easily up close, so staying further away will help. But take note that if you’re too far for his machine guns to hit, he will switch to his missiles which can be dangerous if they connect, so it’s advised to have some kind of missile counter. If you manage to run him out of ammo on one of his FINGER machine guns, he will swap to his SYLPH machine gun.

He does have limited mobility due to his choice of parts, not to mention he has shortage of energy in boosting even with Op-intensify, making him much more vulnerable to attack. For this reason, machine guns & laser rifles are effective against him. Missiles work on him too but note that he has the KISSYOH optional part which jams lock-on for multi-lock missiles,


Pin Fire will show up in the mission Attack Navis' Mine shortly after you kill some of the pod MTs, and will continually attempt to bombard you with FINGER machine gun rounds. Ensure that you keep away from this at all costs! The FINGERs have a much tighter spread in this game than in Last Raven, so the damage dealt from this can shred tons of AP from your AC in no time, which is why staying the hell away is essential. He will resort to using missiles at longer ranges but this can be easily countered if you have equipped missile decoys or any other sort of missile defense. Rarely does he ever use his chain gun, he usually only uses the SYLPH machine guns if he has run out on one of his FINGERs, and although the SYLPH machine guns have limited ammo, they can still good damage at close range so be sure to avoid this too.

He is in reality, not that difficult of a foe as you'd expect, but this doesn't mean you should take him lightly. He is rather well-armored so hard-hitting weapons are recommended against him. Dual Machine guns can also easily take him out (and likely also able to overheat him). Missiles work on him too but do note that his AC is equipped with the KISSYOH optional part which sends out lock-on cancellation pulses so missiles with more that require more than one lock is pretty much useless, micro missiles are the best to use on him as they only require one lock and can do decent damage from range, also given that he is lacking significant missile defense. He does have decoys but never really uses them, so you don't have to worry about this too much.

For some reason, he'd always stick near to the pits/lower levels of the map where there's cover, so it may prove troublesome to get a clear shot at him, especially since trying to target him allows him to have a clear shot at you, so make sure that you're not too close to him when trying to hit him.

Due to his low mobility and tendency to stuck in a part of the map with little-to-no vertical cover, the CR-WB91MB can make for a quick and cheesy kill depending on how many bomblets can connect.




Pin Fire's and Rim Fire's ACs are not entirely the same, although they share in common the dual-wielding of the FINGER machine guns, the back-mounted chain gun and color scheme. They both also make use of Human PLUS\OP-INTENSIFY on their ACs.


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