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Pit Viper is a Raven who appears in Armored Core 2: Another Age.

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He is encountered in the mission Eliminate Raven along with Pendulum and Heaven's Blaze.

AC Torres[]

Torres is a middleweight four-legged AC equipped with back booster extensions, a chain gun, a pulse cannon, dual machine gun weapon arms and an overboost core.


He is weakest AC among the trio and the easiest to take out. He falls easily to missiles as he lacks missile defense. Using the quad missiles with the 4-shot relay missile extensions will down him in no time. He does not pose any real threat offensively either as he has rather poor accuracy with his aiming (but beware that he can dish out good damage with his machine gun weapon arms up close so avoid straying close to him). For this reason, blade combat, although viable, isn’t recommended as he also has back booster extensions to evade head-on blade attacks.

Overall, Pit Viper is a paper-thin AC & while he may have decent weaponry, his amateurish piloting skills makes him more of a sitting duck than anything else.



  • His AC's name is translated from a japanese website and is pending.