Pollux is a Raven in Armored Core 2. His rank is #37 in the Arena.

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Youngest of two brothers famous in the Arena. Having been compared to his older brother all his life, he's become extremely competitive. He hates his older brother.

AC Cosmic StarEdit

Cosmic Star is a lightweight two-legged AC equipped with an anti missile extension, a small rocket launcher, a small missile launcher, a hand gun and an overboost core.


It seems that pollux will be flying around shooting his handgun and missiles at you. A good place to fight him is "Abandoned Highway". A good right arm weapon is a Machine Gun. What might be a good idea is to get to him by shooting your Machine Gun at him in order to avoid his attacks and Pollux will try to back away from you, but he'll leave the area and you win. Pollux isn't very dangerous at all, but he does get tricky though.



  • Castor's name, as well as his brother Pollux's, is a probable reference to Greek mythology. Castor and Pollux were twin brothers in Greek mythology known as the Dioskouri. Castor was the mortal son of Tyndareus, king of Sparta in his time, and Pollux was one of the divine sons of Zeus, the Greek God of Gods. Also unlike the AC2 counterparts, it is believed that Castor and Pollux shared brotherly love; when Castor was killed, Pollux asked Zeus to allow Castor and Pollux to share Pollux's immortality, and thus, Zeus transformed them into the constellation Gemini.
    • Another possibility of reference, albeit unlikely, is the John Woo movie Face/Off, where the main antagonist Castor Troy has a brother named Pollux. However, unlike their AC2 counterparts, Castor and Pollux show a great deal of brotherly love towards each other.
  • Image courtesy of TMRaven
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