Power Plant Emergency is a mission in Silent Line: Armored Core


Requester: Kisaragi

Advance: 0

Upon success: 24000c

Operation Area: Power Plant

Enemy Forces: Reverse-joint MTs, Other (Unknown)

Objective: Activate fire suppression system

Operation Code: Welcome Rain

Client Name: Kisaragi

Place Name: Power Plant

Start Time: 13:00

Security Level: 4

Estimated Success Rate: 58%

Recommended Raven Rank: -


Employees at one of our main power plants have just transmitted an emergency distress signal. They are requesting immediate assistance.

According to their report, a fire has broken out in the facility and the automatic fire suppression system isn't responding. If the fire reaches the power condensers, the plant will be leveled.

We'd like you to enter the facility and manually activate the fire suppression system. This is the only way to stop the fire from spreading.

While the exact cause of the fire is unknown at this time, sabotage is suspected. Proceed with caution.



Emma: "Raven, the security system is malfunctioning."

Emma : "You're cleared to retaliate, but don't waste too much time."

AI Scientist: "Raven... Please hurry..."

Announcement: "Fire door locks released."

Announcement: "Opening fire doors will compromise containment."

Announcement: "Commence evacuation procedures."

Emma: "Fire suppression system activated."

Emma: "All fire suppression systems activated."

Emma: "Security breach detected!"

Emma: "Raven, go check it out."

UNKNOWN: ". . ."

AI Scientist: "We made it... Thank you Raven."

Emma: "Target destruction confirmed."

Walkthrough Edit

This is the first real challenging mission of the game. It is recommended to have parts with high heat resistance and good cooling performance. It is also advised to bring weapons that are decently powerful enough (you will have to deal with a boss fight later) and also back up weapons like shoulder missiles or rockets or something.

The first part is actually pretty straightforward, you have to activate all of the fire suppression systems in the facility. But that's also where the problem lies, because they're all located in the rooms where there's raging fire, this will more often than not instantly overheat your AC once you enter them. The fire suppression system is located right at the center in the back of the room. Once you activate it, get the hell out of there! Otherwise, you will constantly take damage from the overheating. There're also enemies in the level but you don't really need to bother with them.

There're a total of 3 fire suppression systems to activate in the level. In 1 of the rooms has a path that will lead you to a secret part (optional part item). It's ultimately up to you whether you choose to retrieve it or not. The other 2 rooms have MTs in them but they are not compulsory to destroy to finish the mission so you can just ignore them.

After all of the fire suppression systems are activated, you will then be told to go back to the starting area, where the operator says there's a security breach. This is the part that will lead you to the REAL, actual fight.

Once you head back up, a Big White will appear in a brief cutscene. You must destroy him to complete the mission, and this is where the challenge lies. This Big White is extremely dangerous, it can move faster than your average AC and has a deadly selection of hard-hitting weapons. They include a grenade launcher, a rapid-fire dual missile launcher, a plasma cannon and a laser blade. Not to mention, the high temperature in that area makes your AC more vulnerable to overheating, which makes the battle even harder than it already is.

To beat this Big White, you have to do 2 very important things: first up, you must dodge. Dodging his attacks are the key to winning this battle. There're several condensers in the area, make use of them as cover. Second, kill the Big White fast. This enemy, unlike other enemy ACs, has infinite ammo, so it's best to kill him quickly before he has a chance to turn the tables. How do you kill him fast? Use weapons with high attack power or high DPS. Effective weapons include bazookas, missiles and machine guns. If you use OP-INTENSIFY, use weapons like chain guns or grenade launchers, they put down the Big White relatively quick.

The Big White's hardest attacks to dodge are undoubtedly his missiles, they fire faster than any other missile system in the game and has an alarmingly good homing speed, it'd be good to have a core with AMS to counter the missiles or use missile decoys. His next attack that is difficult to avoid is his grenade launcher, it's alarmingly accurate as well, but is a tad easier to avoid compared to his missiles. By staying at a certain distance from him, he will use his grenades more frequently than his missiles. His plasma cannon is the easiest to avoid as he will stand still to fire it. This makes him extremely vulnerable to your attacks, so pound him as hard as you can when this happens and at the same time dodge his plasma cannon shots. He also has a blade for close-range combat and can use it in rapid succession and possesses Moonlight-level damage so it's not recommended to engage in melee combat with him.

So, to sum it up, the key to defeating this Big White is to dodge/avoid his attacks as much as possible, and hit him with everything you got whenever you can. Don't engage in melee combat with him and rain down hell on him from a distance.


  • The secret optional part item OP-TQ/ESE hidden in this mission. It requires you to go to the room on the right when you descend the elevator. There is a breakable panel on the top right hand corner of that room. Destroy it and it will lead you down a narrow long corridor. At the end of that narrow long corridor is another breakable panel. Destroy it and you will enter a room with a bunch of guard MTs, you can choose to destroy or ignore them. There's a door in that room, head through it and it will lead you to the part.
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