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Prevent Prototype MT Theft is one of the final missions in Armored Core 2: Another Age.


Requester: Zio Matrix

Advance: 0

Upon success: 80000

Theater of operations: Underground Weapon Testing Facility

Enemy forces: M-9 MT X 1, D-4 MT X 2

Objective: Destruction of all enemy forces

File No: O-MX-0702

Code Name: Judas Iscariot

Client: Zio Matrix

Opponent: Balena

Place: Underground Testing Facility

Weather: Fair Weather

Mission Start Time: 5:30

Estimated Success Rate: 38%


This is an emergency. A corporate competitor has launched an attack on
our testing facility and stolen our M-9 and D-4 MT prototypes.

It would appear that Balena is the responsible party. We must prevent
them from smuggling the prototypes out of the facility. There is no
time to lose.

Please destroy the captured MT units. Balena's forces are still on the
premises and this is our best opportunity to stop them.

Keeping our corporate secrets out of enemy hands is the top priority,
authorization to destroy the MTs is not only approved, but is



D-4: "We’ve been here long enough. Let’s finish him off and clear out."

M-9: "Roger that. No Raven is a match for this unit!"

Operator: "These are more deadly than the ones you’ve previously encountered. Watch yourself."


This is quite possibly one of the toughest missions throughout the game. The MTs you face here are far more durable and dangerous than the previous ones encountered. They possess both hard-hitting weapons and high AP, especially the M-9 MT unit. At longer ranges, the M-9 fires deadly multi-missiles and at closer ranges it uses its powerful hand laser cannons (which are basically a dual KARASAWA in MT version). Not to mention the M-9 can move at an insanely high speed (possibly as fast as a lightweight AC overboosting), while enjoying the advantage of permaflight movement. That makes this MT very much an AC-level opponent. The D-4 MTs won't help matters either, as they are far better at using their weapons than the previous D-2 units and also possess higher AP. Combined this with the rather cramped area of the map makes this a testament of a fight in this game.

High durability is the key to survive the onslaught from the MTs' weapons. Fortunately the laser rifles of D-2 can be dodged at longer ranges. At the same time, having missile type weapons are recommended as well, as the MTs lack any form of missile defense. Unleash salvo after salvo of missile barrages at the MTs and they should go down in no time. Blading the MTs is another viable way but note that they are rather agile and have an affinity for dodging, so timing of the hits is crucial (if you can, go for aerial cuts whenever possible, since the D-4 tend to glide around when engaging you). If you happen to have Human PLUS on your AC, use powerful back weapons like grenade launchers or laser cannons on the MTs, they will also fall quickly. Fighting the D-2 units one after another is recommended.

However, the M-9 unit is the real boss of this fight. It is also recommended to take out the M-9 MT first, as if you leave him for the last, the M-9 will go flying circles around you at breakneck speed, making it extremely difficult to keep a beat on it as it's moving. The D-4 MTs are much easier to keep a beat on as they don't possess the high-speed flight capability that the M-9 has, so it's better to leave them for the last.

If you do intend to face the M-9 as the final opponent, you should take an AC with good turning ability as the M-9 is going to pass above your head repeatedly when it is doing the strafe runs on you. While doing so, the M-9 will try to shoot you with its dual laser cannons as it passes by, then stay by the ceiling and fire a few times more before relocating and attempting another dash assault. The central structure provides the best cover between the M-9 strafe attacks, but is quickly rendered ineffective since the M-9 will clear it from above, so you cannot ever feel safe no matter where you go. If you stay close enough, the M-9 is going to refrain from using its missile launchers, making you worry only about the laser cannon attacks. In any case, this fight will demand you to have mastered vertical aiming, since the M-9 is going to mostly cling by the ceiling, and will only lower its altitude occasionally when executing the high speed strafe attack before resuming the usual hover height. Dodging the laser barrages is possible, but extremely difficult; their projectile velocity is very high, and they are big projectiles that land easily while delivering extra splash damage. Fighting the M-9 one on one is mostly a damage race, so bring the biggest guns you have and hope for the best - which could be the case when M-9 gets stuck on a lower altitude for a moment when colliding with one of the pillars, giving you the best opportunity to hammer on it before it flies away. Lastly, the M-9's durability is at AC level, so whatever weapon you bring, you ought to possess good accuracy to shoot it down first.


  • The mission area is ravaged by fire, and several burning spots offer extremely high ambient temperature. Stay away from them.
  • Due to low visibility and high speed of the MTs, it is recommended to bring a rapid-scanning radar for this mission.