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Prevent Weapon Activation is the final mission of Armored Core: Nexus.

Prevent Weapon Activation - Nine Ball Unit

The "Unknown" activated within the Old Weapon Facility.


Prevent Weapon Activation Unmanned Weapons3

The unmanned weapons escaping into the open.

Client: Kisaragi

Details: Destroy equipment. Destroy all weapon activation controls.

Advance: 0c

Reward: 260000c

Area: Old Weapon Facility

Remarks: --



Operator:Locate and destroy all control devices.

Operator:Gate lock released. Proceed forward.

Announcement:Intruder detected.

Nine-Ball:Destroy... Destroy... Destroy...

AC System:Special weapon detected. Unable to analyze the target.

Operator:What are those!?

Operator:We're too late!


The final mission in Armored Core Nexus is tough but doable. ECM seems like a requirement but it doesn't factor into the the mission's final part. The biggest thing about this mission are mobility or high AP as either are important for the fights ahead.

The first portion of the mission involves the destruction of two generators in the inside of the facility. Hit the central component of those to destroy them the fastest. Don't waste ammo on valuable weapons as they'll be needed later. After these are destroyed, a door to the outer chamber opens (in one of the earlier corridors) and it's guarded by a lot of laser firing turrets. These can be quite dangerous and exposure to them for too long will ruin your chances of beating the Unknown weapon. To minimize incoming damage: first shoot the turrets on the wall opposite to the entrance; then drop down beneath the central structure and destroy the turrets on the other wall; and finally fly to the top of the structure and clear out the ceiling turrets. Two more generators are here and when they're destroyed the lock for the next area will be released. In the next part, one more generator is in the inside and the outside opens up again. This outside chamber lacks turrets and has a single generator. When it's destroyed the room turns red. Head to the lower area immediately. A cutscene plays with the Unknown coming in.

This Unknown weapon has a number of weapons on it and is very fast, capable of hovering indefinitely while making erratic movements. This mobility makes it difficult to keep locked on but it has to be stationary to fire it's primary cannon. This cannon fires a barrage of a variety of plasma projectiles. It is paramount to evade this attack, as it will easily strip half of the armor of a lighter AC. Another dangerous attack is a multi missile volley - it is easier to dodge but can still hurt hard. Other than that, the Unknown will try to pelt you with pulse cannons while mobile.

A tank with the GERYON2, EO and WYRM can easily destroy it and have enough AP to survive its attacks. Lighter weight ACs can dodge its attacks (along with getting away from the turrets earlier easier) so a solid design will do the trick. The CR-WH79M2s do nice against Unknown alongside an EO core (especially if they were used to destroy the generators) but could prove a little short on ammo, so a backup is valuable. A decoy dispenser is recommended to escape the multi missiles. The Unknown does not possess a lot of armor, but its speed can prove already problematic if you cannot keep up with its movements. In that case, it might help to focus on dodging while it is moving around, and try to counter it while it is preparing one of its heavier attacks, as it stops for a moment. After the Unknown is defeated, another cutscene will play...

While not a part of the original assignment, the suicide weapon swarm is a playable section. There's no real point to fighting as the swarm is infinite and the screen fades to black after a few moments. There is no way to win - all you can do is try to survive against the unending tides of kamikaze weapons as long as you can. Do not fall off the edge however, lest you wish to start this mission again. Clearing this section completes the mission. Congratulations, you have finished Armored Core Nexus.

Hidden Part[]

There is a bonus weapon to gain in this mission. You will be rewarded with the left hand version of the WH04HL-KRSW High Intensity Laser Rifle if you defeat Unknown in under 90 seconds.


  • This is the second mission in Armored Core: Nexus to have a cinematic cutscene play out after a mission failure.