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Prisoner No. B-24715 is a Raven who appears in Armored Core 2. His rank is #2 in the Arena.


The pilot is a career criminal serving consecutive life sentences. The LCC unleashes him every so often to wreak havoc in the Arena.

AC Apocalypse[]

Apocalypse is a heavyweight hover leg AC that specializes in grenade weapons. He is equipped with two identical grenade launchers on the back and a grenade rifle. The unit also equips anti missile extensions, a laser blade that fires blade waves and an overboost core. Mobility is greatly increased with Over Boost, which combined with its weapons make it a very fast and dangerous foe. Luckily he has very little ammo. His shots however don't lock on and if you know how to over boost well, can be easily avoided. Due to the Human PLUS enhancements of the pilot the unit can fire the back mounted grenade launchers while moving and is capable of ignoring weight restrictions.


As said before he has very little grenade ammo, You should try to avoid getting hit, grenades do a lot of damage. Try to overboost away from him, and if possible shoot him while doing so. If this doesn't work just wait until he runs out of ammo then attack. He does have a left arm unit so keep your distance.

This guy can be extremely brutal due to him being a PLOW AC and a heavy weight AC with lighter legs. He has a bad penchant of overboosting before firing his grenade shells. After a while, when he uses his Grenade Launcher, he tends to stay stationary so with a fast quad legged AC and good boosters you can help avoid his attacks. Ultimately you need to keep feathering the boosters as this helps avoid his attacks. With a weapon like the KARASWA the fight becomes bearable as the rifle can help reduce his AP quicker than he can. Overheating is a major concern so a good Radiator is vital. Ultimately this fight is about dealing as much damage is possible and then some. He may have only 50 shots, but he can easily destroy you in 10.




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