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Probe Balena's Defenses is a mission in Armored Core 2: Another Age.


Requester: Emeraude

Advance: 0

Upon success: 0

Theater of operations: Colnart Bay City Falane Coast

Enemy forces: Unknown

Objective: Destroy enemy forces and escape

File No: O-MM-0365

Code Name: Morning Glory

Client: Emeraude

Opponent: Balena

Place: Falane Coast

Weather: Rain

Mission Start Time: 7:20

Estimated Success Rate: 92%


This mission request will require you to assess the strength of
Balena's defense network, laid out along the Falane Coast.

The area of operations is closely monitored by Balena and once a
breach has been detected I can assure you that their defense network
will be activated.

If you are discovered, fight for as long as you can. There are no
completion requirements fir this mission, so you may abort at any

Please do not think that this means you should take the mission
lightly. You'll be reimbursed depending upon the number of enemy units
you destroy. Good luck.



  • 1 Transport Plane


Radio Operator: "It’s an Emeraude intruder. Destroy it at once."

Operator: "Remember, it’s your call exit the area whenever you’re ready. A transport plane is ready to evacuate your AC."

Operator: "You’ve proven yourself. Head out whenever you’re ready."

Operator: "Please don't over extent yourself. It's important when to know when to stop."

Operator: "I'll let you make the call. Just board the transport whenever you're ready."


This is another survival mission, except that the enemies in the level will just keep spawning no matter how many you destroy. Although if you stay long enough, and the operator gives you a 3rd message about letting you make the call, you will get a secret item. You ought to destroy about 50 enemies total for the bonus part. Otherwise, you can simply choose to leave anytime you wish, provided you have destroyed something at least.

As this is a survival-based sortie, a heavily armored AC is going to work well. A tank with an assortment of three guns and energy shield is going to have enough lasting power to destroy several dozen of tanks and MTs handily. One of the recommended loadouts can be a laser rifle, a chaingun and a laser cannon combined with a long range FCS. With careful energy usage your energy shield may stay up permanently, reducing upfront damage significantly.

With a powerful AC, this mission becomes more a matter of ammo management and proper positioning. The Jaguar VIII tanks present a higher elimination bonus, but they also pose a bigger threat to you if they come close enough. They attack from inland in defilade formation, meaning that you would be exposed to a lot of return fire if you engage them head on. Instead, try to approach them from a side and only aim for the outermost tank first, then proceed after it is destroyed. If your AC is not extremely slow, even a tank should have a good chance to dodge some cannon shots at proper range. You might opt for a biped or a quadruped instead if you feel the need for more effective boost hop dodging.

The Hummingbirds can be a lesser or bigger threat to you, depending on your craft. If you are too slow, they are going to close in and pelt you from high above, making fending them off difficult while costing you more armor. In order to control them properly, you should mind your range towards the tank lines and retreat as needed to take care of the intercepting Hummingbirds. Do not go away too far though, however - remember that you are limited to a peninsula and the coastline is very close. In a midst of battle while under dawn conditions, it might lead you to a nasty surprise if you happen to fall off a cliff.

In the case of the above, only a hover AC can avoid an abrupt mission failure from sinking into the ocean. It can also dictate its engagement location to a larger degree - you can choose to stay seaborne and only fight the Hummingbirds if you wish so. This is a more time consuming but also safer strategy.

Lastly, before you are ready to bail, make sure you have enough AP left to get to the transport. The mission will only end successfully once you are aboard.


  • You get an additional 2900 for each Jaguar VIII and 2000 for each Hummingbird destroyed.
  • If you keep killing enemies until you get the third warning and have a high reward you can get the back weapon (EWM-NAP-02) as a reward. Aim for around 100 thousand credits in special reward tally.