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Protect Fuel Depot is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus.

Protect Fuel Depot

The Fuel Depot


Client: Crest

Details: Protect the facility. Destroy all enemies, protect fuel tanks.

Advance: 45000c

Reward: AC Parts: CR-LF71

Bonus Part: LN-01-SEAL (All fuel tanks must survive)

Area: Crest Fuel Depot

Remarks: Destruction of fuel tanks will reduce your reward.


Protect Fuel Depot 2

Transports carrying Rat Unmanned Weapons


Operator:Take care around the fuel tanks, they will explode if damaged.

Operator:The enemy is deploying their forces.

Operator:The fuel tanks must be protected at all cost.

Operator:The number of damaged fuel tanks is increasing.


This mission is all about speed. When the mission commences, the Guard MTs are already breaching the perimeter. They pose virtually no threat to you (they are going to mostly ignore you anyway), but are going to lay waste to the fuel depot if you are not working very quickly to repel their attack. The task calls for a light and fast AC - it is also recommended to take just one weapon of choice (preferably one that can destroy a Rat in one hit, such as a high intensity laser rifle) to give yourself extra speed and energy, since the Rats are very weak and not too numerous. A back Radar and a fast-locking FCS might also help matters.

When engaging the Rats, approach them from a side. This way, they will pose the easiest target, as they tend to slide around the tanks, so facing them from their side will make them move the least in your sights. Do not attack them from behind, as such positioning will make it very likely that any stray shot is going to hit the tank, and if you are packing large heat that is a guaranteed destruction of a tank. Attacking them from the front might inspire the MTs to divert their attention to you, which might be beneficial to the tanks' survival but is not reliable. Instead, focus on destroying the Rats as quickly as possible.

If you are going for a perfect result (no tanks destroyed), there is next to no room for error - you will have to start shooting the aggressors immediately and miss almost no shots. A fast AC will be able to not just reach the MTs in time, but also approach them closer; if you come close enough, you should do just fine firing at them before you achieve a full FCS lock, saving extra time. If left unchecked, two or three Rats will blow up a fuel tank in mere seconds, and if about half of the tanks are leveled, the mission will automatically end in failure. So even if you do not necessarily aim at clearing the mission with no lost tanks, you still will have to be fast.

Suggested approach to get LN01-SEAL (no storage tanks destroyed): lightweight biped + CR-WR93B3 bazooka

1. While moving forward, kill the 3 MTs that start in front of you, in this order: right, left, center. Jump boost turn right take out the 2 MTs northeast behind 4 small tanks.

2. Jump boost turn right again and take out 3 MTs near big tanks on east side of the map. If step 1 done fast enough, these 3 MTs are not blocked from view by big tanks yet. These are the most important as they tend to attack a single tank in group and can quickly destroy it.

3. Finally take out 2 MTs moving in from south. These ones ignore the fuel tanks and only move forward until you attack them.

Alternatively, a hover AC will make yourself even faster and agile.


Report - Terrorists Attack Crest Fuel Depot[]

A terrorist plot aimed at leveling Crest's fuel depot has just been thwarted. Crest learned of the attack beforehand and hired a Raven to intervene on their behalf. Damage inflicted on the installation was minimal, and shouldn't have any impact on Crest's future development plans.

Contact - Thank You (Sender: Crest)[]

That was an excellent job, you have our gratitude. We hope you will continue to maintain good relations with our corporation well into the future.


  • The bonus SEAL hover chassis can still be earned by completing the mission with no fuel tanks destroyed in the Free Mission mode.
  • The bonus LF71 quad legs appear to be an exclusive reward with the SEAL hover legs (the two parts cannot be earned at the same time) thus the mission has to be completed at least twice in order to obtain both reward parts.
  • The MTs move in mostly predictable pattern, but sometimes they might get stuck on the depot infrastructure before they reach their targets. Adversely however, on other times they might instead not only reach the tanks sooner, but also hide from your approach as they slide behind a tank, in which case it is practically guaranteed that some tanks will be destroyed. Therefore, the outcome of this mission is significantly vulnerable to chance factors.