Protect Fuel Depot is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus.

Protect Fuel Depot

The Fuel Depot


Client: Crest

Details: Protect the facility. Destroy all enemies, protect fuel tanks.

Advance: 45000c

Reward: AC Parts

Area: Crest Fuel Depot

Remarks: Destruction of fuel tanks will reduce your reward.


Protect Fuel Depot 2

Transports carrying Rat Unmanned Weapons


Operator:Take care around the fuel tanks, they will explode if damaged.

Operator:The enemy is deploying their forces.

Operator:The fuel tanks must be protected at all cost.

Operator:The number of damaged fuel tanks is increasing.



Report - Terrorists Attack Crest Fuel DepotEdit

A terrorist plot aimed at leveling Crest's fuel depot has just been thwarted. Crest learned of the attack beforehand and hired a Raven to intervene on their behalf. Damage inflicted on the installation was minimal, and shouldn't have any impact on Crest's future development plans.

Contact - Thank You (Sender: Crest)Edit

That was an excellent job, you have our gratitude. We hope you will continue to maintain good relations with our corporation well into the future.

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