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Protect the Cargo is a mission in Armored Core: Last Raven.


Requester: Alliance Headquarters

Operation Area: Garav Desert

Objective: Secure crash site and protect cargo

Reward: 92,000c

Mission SummaryEdit

This mission request involves an Alliance transport aircraft that crashed in the desert. It was most likely shot down by someone looking to get their hands on its cargo.

Ed Weisz


One of our transport aircraft experienced mechanical problems during a top-secret mission and crashed in the Garav Desert. We've lost all contact.

The cargo the transport was carrying is extremely valuable and there are those who would go to any length to recover it. Unknown aircraft have already been reported entering the region.

Head to the crash site and eliminate any who attempt to retrieve the cargo.

Please note; the transport was also carrying a large shipment of explosives that were probably scattered in the crash; maneuver with care.

Under no circumstances should any of the cargo be destroyed, use discretion when choosing targets.


Enemies: CR-AH79s and ZEKUHs


Sheila:We've arrived at the crash site.

Sheila:The area is littered with explosives, be careful.

Sheila:Don't let those transports make off with the cargo.

Sheila:Hurry, one of them is moving into position.

Sheila:Enemy target approaching!

Sheila:Looks like that was the last of them.

Sheila:Good job, Raven.

Situation ReportEdit

It seems alliance is quite impressed with your recent performance.

Garnering this type of attention isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if Vertex and their allies learn about it, you'll quickly make it onto their hit list. Don't let your guard down.

Ed Weisz


Eqiup a sniper rifle and long range FCS. Either a head with radar or a radar back unit is key. Stay pretty much where you start,adust slightly for a better view, watching out for mines. Snipe the choppers as they appear, one or two shots, depending on the gun, will take one out. Keep an eye out of your radar for where they are. Towards the end of the mission, CR-AH79s appear, these don't carry the cargo, they just attack you. If you are being fired upon but there are still transport choppers, prioritize the latter (the attack choppers are only use machine guns). After several waves they get the idea they're not getting through and you complete the mission.

Secert part 1: CR-WBW98LXEdit

Destroy the broken plane part behind you (from where you start) and it will be on the ground.

Secret part 2: CR-E82SS2

It is hidden in the east side of the map (behind where you start) surrounded by a bunch of mines.

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