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Protect the VIP is the eigth mission in Armored Core: Project Phantasma.


Requester: Sumika

Reward: 41000

Location: Abandoned factory

Mission: Guard captured VIP

Mission Place: Abolished Plant

Mission Code Name: Slaughter House

Start Time: 0902


We have decided to transfer our prisoner to an abandoned factory
located in the slums of Amber Crown.

The Doomsday Organization is also seriously investigating this matter,
so we would like you to guard the prisoner on the way to the factory.




<Sumika>: "It should be safe to stay here awhile."

<Sumika>: "They found us already? That was too quick!"

<Sumika>: "Somehow we made it!"

<Stinger>: "I don’t appreciate nuisances. Why don’t you just give it to me!"

<Sumika>: "I cannot do that."

<Stinger>: "How brave."

<Stinger>: "I see I wasn’t careful enough. Oh well, I’ll hunt you down for fun later."



Armored Core Project Phantasma Protect the VIP

This is rather straightforward mission for the first part. You just need to destroy all the enemies in the level and be sure to keep them away from the friendly unit so that they don't destroy him and fail the mission.

Once all the enemies are down, Stinger will appear and you have to take him down again. This time however, you have the assistance of Sumika. But overall, this isn't too hard of a fight. As long as you can avoid as much damage as possible from Stinger you should be fine. He's also using the same AC as before and thus has the same weaknesses from before too.