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Prototype MT Test (1) is a mission in Armored Core.

Chaos 8

Chaos 0.8 MT


Requester: Chrome

Advance: 0

Upon success: 28000

Theater of operations: Chrome Weapons Lab

Enemy forces: "CHAOS 0.8"

Conditions for success: Destroy "CHAOS 0.8"


Come participate in a combat test against a new weapon currently under development. Anyone is OK, as long as they can fight. We want combat data for the current prototype.

Your opponent, "CHAOS" is a completely automated robot, and the location is inside our lab. No need to be timid. Give it all you've got.

However, you get paid only if you win. No slacking off. This may not be much of a challenge to you Ravens, but you can make a fast buck. Think of it as an easy job.



Chrome Operator: The test MT you'll fight is completely automated. There's no need to be timid. Give it all you've got.

Chrome Operator: We got some excellent data. We'll put it to good use in the future. Thank you for your help.



Armored Core Prototype MT Test

This mission is fairly simple with a single enemy, the Chaos 0.8 model. It's main weapon is a green pulse cannon but it falls relatively easily. A few shots from the Karasawa can pummel it down swiftly.