Pulverizers are lethal superweapons only appearing in Last Raven. Perpetually being constructed by the Internecine, these AI controlled machines appear before strong Ravens with potential Dominant-level skill. It is unknown who originally built them, but their purpose seems to be quite clear: destroying anything they come across. Pulverizers are aptly named for both their abnormal specifications that exceed both MTs and ACs and their merciless approach to destroy all hostilities until all signs of vitality are wiped away.


Pulverizers are characterized by their orange armor plating and distinct translucent areas where energy seems to flow perpetually. Long boosters protrude from their backs and their arms are blades of energy with devastating power. Their design was made in the image of AC units.

Key characteristics of all Pulverizers are its elongated body and glowing symbol on its chest. Pulverizers do not have decent Anti-Missile Systems and thus, seem to have a weakness against missile weapons, particularly micro missiles. Another unique characteristic are its weapon arms, which appear to be a solid substance with what seems to be a laser blade running through them. These weapons are very powerful and designed specifically for stabbing, but also appearing to be powerful enough to be used for slashing. Simply touching or skimming against these blade arms could cause damage, suggesting that a laser blade or some type of electric current runs through it. They also show the capability to fire a unique "wave blade" in the form of energy blasts fired in machine gun fashion or in the case of the Bipedal Pulverizer, can fire a powerful one with a cross blade slash.


The Pulverizers were designed to be unstoppable, eventually. As models were defeated, the Internecine would use the data to produce a more powerful model. An example of this being after the destruction of the tank Pulverizer, the quad leg version appeared shortly there after and solved the biggest issue of the tank: mobility; this adaptation can also be seen earlier in Armored Core: Nexus with the destruction of the Prototype: all succeeding Pulverizers now had only energy weapons and blade arms. This would continue until theoretically the most powerful model would be produced that no one could destroy. This explains why they became stronger and stronger as the game went on: more advanced models were produced designed to destroy ACs. These machines are AI controlled and attack both Vertex and Alliance forces.

Types of PulverizersEdit

Prototype Pulverizer Edit

A model exclusive to Armored Core: Nexus, this unit differed greatly from its successor units. Appearing to be a cross between an MT and AC, the model has a fold down mechanism for it's head to allow access to its Grenade Launcher. It also has vertical missile launchers, dual pulse rifles, as well as a rapid fire dual plasma cannon. Its designed primarily for mid to long range combat, and can stay airborne indefinitely. This model is not seen in Last Raven.


  • Grenade Launcher
  • Vertical Missile Launcher
  • Dual Pulse Rifle
  • Dual Plasma Rifle

Tank-Leg PulverizerEdit


The least recurring type and the easiest to defeat. Though fairly quick, it is far less agile than its brother units. This version was also the first version of the Pulverizers in Armored Core: Last Raven. It is also the easiest version in combat but still a threat compared to most Ravens. Although it is considered vastly inferior in comparison with the Prototype Pulverizer, it did solve the one major weakness of the Prototype: melee capability. A particular note as well is that it also uses the "poke of death" seen commonly on quads and tank legs.

This is the only version that cannot charge rapidly towards a opponent.


  • Laser Cannons
  • Laser Blade Arms

Quad-Leg PulverizerEdit

The most recurring type. Unlike the Bipedal unit, this one comes armed with large dual-mounted laser
cannons with explosive firepower. Combined with its agility forces even Zinaida to retreat. It appears to be an improved version of the tank-leg Pulverizer based on what Jack-O said and the fact that it appeared in a mission after the tank-leg Pulverizer was defeated. Of all the ground based Pulverizers, the Quad Leg has perhaps the most powerful Laser Cannons, and 2nd most difficult to evade, as evidenced in the mission Defeat the Invading Force, in which its cannons were capable of destroying most AC's in several volleys if they lacked significant mobility and speed.


  • Laser Cannons
  • High Laser Cannons
  • Laser Blade Arms

Bipedal PulverizerEdit


Bipedal Pulverizer

The second most common Pulverizer type and resembles most ACs. They are easily identifiable by their humanoid legs. They are the most balanced type of the Pulverizers. They can launch long-range attacks with their blade arms by shooting pulse blasts and cross-shaped waves of energy. Of the ground based Pulverizers, it is the fastest, capable of covering huge distances in short periods of time, comparable to overboost usage. This is most evidently seen in Evangel's version of the Bipedal, which could only really be targeted when it paused to attack.

Bipedal Pulverizers do not appear to be able to fire their weapons when moving, just like regular bipedal AC's that try to utilize the use of back weapons without the help of OP-INTENSIFY.

A variant of this version was also piloted by Evangel. The "Super-Bipedal Pulverizer" that is piloted by Evangel is also stronger than the normal version. This version featured improved capabilities and adding a powerful cross wave blade attack.

Strategy for Bipedal PulverizerEdit

  • While it may seem stupid, it is actually quite easy to defeat this Pulverizer in a tank, granted you have powerful weapons like the GERYON3 and the KARASAWA. It will typically charge you to attack and if you keep moving back, you'll evade it's blades as it has to stop for a few milliseconds to attack with them, despite it moving forward (could be a glitch...) giving you ample time to keep pounding it. Also the enclosed space of the battle makes it easy to use its mobility against it.

You can try close combat with him, equip the NIOH parrying blade and when he tries to blade you, charge it and strike the Bipedal Pulverizer. He should go down in 2-3 stabs. Do this on a Biped though.


  • Laser Cannons
  • Laser Blade Arms

Hover-Leg PulverizerEdit


Hover Pulverizer

At this point in its evolution, the Pulverizers are no longer mimicking ACs or any known unit for that matter. These units are far more lethal than its ground-bound counterparts, noticeable by a more sleek design. This unit is extremely quick, moving in irregular patterns and firing its laser cannons with both speed and precision as well as closing in swiftly to attack with its blade arms. Another key difference with other models is its exclusive use of orbit cannons, which last longer than AC model orbit cannons. It is seen twice, but only one Hover Leg is fought in Armored Core: Last Raven.


  • Laser Blade Arms
  • Laser Cannons
  • Orbit Cannons

Airborne/Aerial PulverizerEdit

Only seen in the Internecine and the second strongest Pulverizer. Like the Hover-Leg, it is airborne at all times
but they possess far deadlier weaponry. The Airborne is also larger and contains more weapons. It is equipped with a unique 'rail machine gun' (ie. automatic railgun) which fires rounds with incredible shot velocity, causing it to almost always strikes the target, no matter how fast they may be. It is also armed with unique energy-based missiles, while slow-moving, are very accurate and cannot be stopped by AMS. Lastly, it possesses an impenetrable shield that effectively blocks all attacks and surrounds the entire machine. While in this mode, it will fire a deadly spray of laser beams, providing the ultimate offense and defense. However the shield requires charging up, the telltale sign being the energy spheres located on the tips of its mechanical arms. This superior combination of defense and offense is further increased by the sheer mobility of the Airborne, which moves even faster than the Hover-Leg despite its size. Note that on the PSP version, the Airborne Pulverizer's "rail machine gun" has been replaced with a continuous laser weapon akin to what IBIS had in it's first form. This makes the attack a bit easier to dodge. Also the contrails of the energy missiles are a lot harder to spot.

The 2nd Airborne Pulverizer is based off this design, but has many improvements over this version.


  • Laser Cannon
  • Energy Machine Gun
  • Rail Machine Gun (PS2 version)
  • Continuous Laser Beams (PSP version)
  • Hi-Act Homing Energy Missile
  • Laser Blades
  • Ray Storm


  • Energy Shield

2nd Airborne PulverizerEdit

Seemingly created specifically for the Last Raven, the 2nd Airborne Pulverizer is the ultimate weapon and the most
deadly foe encountered in the entire series, considered even tougher than Nineball Seraph. It's similar to the Airborne Pulverizer in appearance but with a silver color and red energy 'plating'. Its weapons are the same as its predecessor as well, but more deadly and has a longer life span than any other Pulverizer. This machine also possesses an AMS (Anti Missile System), which renders the Pulverizers' unique weakness against missiles almost useless. To make matters worse, it still possesses an energy shield, but this time, fires explosive energy blasts with crippling accuracy, making them difficult to evade. Only 5 of these blast are needed to take down an AC. This Pulverizer is also the fastest and demonstrates mobility that far surpasses a normal Airborne Pulverizer, making it nearly impossible to hit.

The sheer power, speed and stamina of this machine serves as the ultimate testament and challenge of the player's skill in the AC franchise.


  • Laser Cannon
  • Energy Machine Gun
  • "Rail" Energy Machine Gun
  • Hi-Act Homing Energy Missile
  • Laser Blades
  • Plasma Cannon


  • Energy Shield
  • Anti-Missile System

Strategy for the Super Aerial PulverizerEdit

  • It only takes a one hit from the ELF3 laser blade and 2 hits from a NIOH parrying blade to kill him. Just make sure you have the optional part to increase your laser blade power.
  • The easiest way involves the use of the NIOH parrying blade (Warning: This is recommended to veteran players with full comfort of either the PS2 or PSP controls). As soon as the mission begins, the player can simply jump and repeatedly use the parrying blade, which will kill the Pulverizer in a matter of seconds with minimal damage (damage levels will differ from the type of AC, a medium AC is recommended of course).
  • Another way is to simply equip the WA69BZ weapon arms. It has a total of 48 rounds, giving the player four shots each. Simply give the Pulverizer nine direct shots.
  • Dodging the Pulverizer is an option, as long as you avoid the laser bursts it emits as it enters shield mode. Even though it has an anti-missile system, persistent attacks with the right timing will take it down in a matter of minutes.
  • Dual-wielding flamethrowers on a very high defense AC is also very effective. Stay in the same spot the game starts off in, aim up, and continuously fire while the Pulverizer laser blades from above. This is very effective as the most difficult battle in Armored Core: Last Raven has been reduced to mere seconds of flamethrowing.


  • Oddly the core and head of any Pulverizer bears a strong resemblance to a mix of LAHIRE, AALIYAH, and White Glint parts, the core appears to almost be a dead cross between the elongated center protrusion of the AALIYAH core and the overall shortness of the back of the core, the sweptback shape and how the arms are mounted on extensions are similar to the LAHIRE core. The long rear boosters attached to the back of the core are eerily similar to the long folding casings for overboosters from the White Glint core. The Pulverizer heads bear an even stronger resemblance to the wedge/pill shape of an AALIYAH head, the major difference from the AALIYAH head to the Pulverizer head is that there is glowing blisters on the sides of a Pulverizer head that in there position would cover the majority of the eyes of an AALIYAH head.
  • The mysterious client who asked the player (who apparently had become the Last Raven existed on the earth) to destroy the Super Aerial Pulverizer has the mission emblem that resembles the Pulverizer insignia albeit painted in red instead of blue.


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