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Pursue Navis Remnants is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus.

Pursue Navis Remnants

A Navis Sniper MT perched atop a Ruga Canyon pipeline.


Client: Mirage

Details: Mop up force remnants. Destroy all units stationed in the area.

Advance: 0c

Reward: 128000c

Area: East Ruga Canyon

Remarks: --



Operator:Destroy all targets.

Navis Squad Leader:Squad, hold your positions!

Navis Squad Leader:We know the terrain, the advantage is ours.


This is a simple mission. A reverse-joint sniper build is recommended.

You are deployed on one of the pipelines in the Ruga Canyon, giving you a convenient starting position to engage the enemies in the upper part of the canyon. They are going to already fire at you from multiple directions once you have control, so start dodging as soon as you can and retaliate. If you are unsure about dodging on the pipes or rock ledges, you might just do jumps in place every so often to avoid the incoming sniper shots. If you do want to stay at the upper level, you might also do jumps between the standing spots on the upper level of the canyon. Both of these maneuvers are most easily done with reverse joint legs. Even then, nothing will happen if you find yourself dropping to the ground - the mission area extends there (this is the same place as in the first mission after all) - you will just be at a disadvantage towards the enemies above. However still, there are not that many enemies, and with a decently mobile AC you should have little trouble avoiding incoming fire. Search and destroy the enemies lurking throughout the canyon at both of its ends to complete the mission.