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Pyschedelic , also known as Girasole in Japanese, is a Raven in Armored Core 2. His rank is #40 in the Arena.

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A Raven who likes to stand out, as can be seen by taking one look at his AC. His fighting style is quite erratic, but even he gets lucky sometimes.

AC Rainbow (US)/Over Rainbow (JP)[]

Rainbow is a middleweight reverse joint AC equipped with a multi missile launcher, a back radar, a shotgun, a laser blade and an overboost core. A flaw of the unit is that the generator does not provide enough energy.


Rainbow has a lot of close-range firepower between his shotgun and his laser blade, though his missile launcher will split into additional warheads once they get near you; if you're already fighting him up close, your core could detonate his missile before it splits, though he'll likely switch to his shotgun once you get near him. He alternates seemingly at random between falling back to attack you with missiles or charging toward you and using his shotgun, so be careful if you decide to fight him nose-to-nose. He doesn't have any extension AMS, so throwing more missiles at him than he can dodge is a valid tactic. Overall, Pyschedelic's erratic combat style will prove to be his downfall, as he will never commit properly to the strengths of his AC Rainbow, thus he will offer you an abundance of mistakes that you can punish at your leisure.



  • Image courtesy of TMRaven
  • This Raven's name is likely a misspelling of "Psychedelic", referring to the substances capable of inducing altered states of consciousness.
  • In the Japanese version, Pyschedelic is known as Girasole (ジラソーレ), while his AC is known as Over Rainbow (オーバーレインボウ).



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