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Qualification Exam is a mission in Silent Line: Armored Core.


Requester: Global Cortex

Advance: 0

Upon success: 51000c

Operation Area: AC Test Arena

Enemy Forces: -

Objective: Pass the test

Operation Code: Warm-Up

Client Name: Global Cortex

Place Name: AC Test Arena

Start Time: 16:30

Security Level: 1

Estimated Success Rate: 41%

Recommended Raven Rank: C


"The following is an official announcement to all Ravens. Global Cortex is conducting mission qualification exams in the AC Test Arena."

"Our goal is to select a pilot from your ranks who is capable of carrying out and successfully completing a high-risk assignment."

"The test consists of a series of targets that appear at random. Destroy as many of these as possible."

"Please note, all participants will be competing alongside other pilots. Whoever achieves the best score will be selected for the assignment."

"Details regarding the mission will be mailed to the Raven selected. Good luck to you all."



Examiner: "The test will begin shortly."

Examiner: "Only one of you will be selected."

Examiner: "Test complete."

Examiner: "You made it Raven. We'll be in touch."


The briefing would have you believe that the test consists of you and two other Ravens each shooting at separate walls of targets. However, as soon as the words "only one of you will be selected" are said, each Raven gets the same idea. Instantly everyone starts battling. You must survive the battle in order to complete the mission. Every AC attacks different ones at random, so you do not have to watch them all simultaneously. Best to focus on just one while the rest fight each other off.

The mission can be completed in two ways: either you stick to the rules and focus solely on shooting as many targets as possible, or you take out both Diligent and Carom first so they stop being a nuisance to you before you go around the shooting range unbothered.

The first approach is basically the same thing as the basic AC Test 1 found in the Garage setup, just with the added hazard of two other participants harassing you at random times. It makes for a chaotic engagement where your attention needs to be divided between both scoring targets and avoiding backshots from Diligent and Carom. This solution calls for an evasive AC with a quick and precise weapon; a lightweight or hover AC equipped with a fast-locking standard-type FCS and a rifle (preferably a rapid variant), or a machine gun, works best for this strategy. As long as you concentrate on the task on hand, such a setup should hand you the selection ticket from Global Cortex.

If you do not bother with playing "nice", then the whole affair basically turns into a 1v1v1 AC battle. In this case, a relatively fast build is recommended to make two-vector dodging easier, but heavier weaponry is better suited this time. It may help to take a wide&shallow FCS for this purpose. It is better to go after Diligent first due to her missile attacks that can prove deadly if they catch you unprepared; she is not as dangerous in direct confrontation. Carom however, may prove to be a bit more difficult to take down due to his rapid aerial dodge maneuvers and constant rifle barrages, so having Diligent out of the picture before confronting him will make matters easier.


  • Can obtain the right arm part MWG-MG/700H. Destroy both ACs. A set of quad legs and MWG-MG/1000 will probably work best.
  • Can obtain the arm part MAH-SS/VV. Need to destroy 50 targets. Best if you destroy both ACs before trying it.