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Quick Boost
UniverseAC4 Universe
Game mechanic
AppearancesArmored Core 4
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Quick Boost is a type of boosting that first appeared in Armored Core 4. It is a special maneuver that can be performed by NEXTs. As its name implies, a quick boost is a powerful, instantaneous thrust from the NEXT's boosters, delivering an instant burst of acceleration in a second. It can be performed forward, backward, or sideways. While very useful for evading enemy projectiles and mobility, a quick boost consumes a great amount of energy, thereby requiring it to be performed only in the right moments.

This function of a NEXTs boosters is often used in "blading" AC's which combined boosters with high quickboost power with the natural acceleration associated with laser blades to quickly close in on unsuspecting victims to deliver high damage quickly.


  • High Boost

    From Armored Core V onward, Quick Boost is known as High-Boost.

    Like Over Boost, Quick Boosting and the Armored Core V equivalent High-Boost, create a large visible 'flame' from the booster unit when in use.
  • Extension Booster units Overboosting for short periods in Armored Core 2 up to Armored Core Last Raven were capable of allowing non-NEXT Armored Cores to do a pseudo-Quick Boost, although the results of these are either difficult to do or with limited success.
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