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Appearances Armored Core V
Armored Core: Verdict Day

The R2B Shchit, also referred to as Defense ACs, are a line of powerful, mass-produced units capable of being a very potent deterrent against mercenary ACs. Although not as powerful as fully-customisable mercenary Armored Cores, the R2B line is often used as a force multiplier in situations where such ACs are too costly to hire or use in the field. They appear in Armored Core V and later as a renamed, redeveloped variant in Armored Core: Verdict Day.


The R2B line are among the most powerful and dangerous of the mass-produced lines of Armored Core developed so far, only out-competed by mercenary ACs or Corporation-made units--combining low maintenance and production costs with the lethality to match any standard mercenary AC. They are also the heaviest and most heavily-armored of the all mass-produced ACs available, making them extremely resistant to damage, able to take more abuse than even the Speer or Aves. Unfortunately, this excess in armor and weight makes the Shchit line incredibly slow overall in comparison to the other mass-produced lines. In spite of this, the Shchit is still able to move incredibly quickly despite its weight, able to keep pace with a mobile Speer or mercenary AC operating under normal boost. In comparison to the Speer or Aves lines, the Shchit line is the one in possession of the greatest available firepower; with some models being equal or even surpassing the damage output or combat capability of a mercenary AC.  

The R2B Shchit is often the least-deployed of the mass-produced units, due to being more expensive to manufacture and maintain (in comparison to the Sz or AS-12 lines). However, they are used heavily by multiple organizations, mostly notably seen among the forces of the City Police and the Men of Honor. Some lower-spec models were used extensively by the Resistance during the First Rebel Movement.  


Armored Core V[]

As is the trend with the mass-produced units in Armored Core V (and later in Verdict Day), the R2B line has multiple variants, each equipped with a varying loadout of weapons and armor--with these customised configurations of the base model used for more specialized situations. Like the AS-12 and Sz line, each variant is distinctive for its specific role, but all stem from the original model:


  • R2B Shchit: The most basic and cheapest maintained variant of the line, as well as the originally-developed model. Has the lowest overall defenses against the three damage types amongst the other R2B variants. Whilst the most basic, the R2B model comes with two configurations:
    • Basic: The least-powerful of the R2B line, as well as the most general setup available. Comes equipped with a belt-fed, high fire-rate Gatling gun attached to the left arm. The right has a mounting arm capable of equipping a shield.
    • Shield-Type: A basic R2B Shchit equipped with a large, defensive shield to deflect frontal attacks. Can use this shield as a powerful melee weapon in CQC, which it will ram the shield into enemy units when engaged in close-quarters situations or approached.
      • Both variants are among the most deployed models of the line.
  • R2B2 Shchit2: A heavily-armed and armored variant of the R2B line, the Shchit2 is the most heavily-armored of the line, and possesses the highest damage resistance of the R2B models. Based upon the Shield-equipped R2B model, the R2B2 is equipped with a large, frontal shield on its right armature to deflect attacks. Whilst based on the Shielded R2B, the R2B2's mounted shield is significantly larger than the previous model, and is adapted with reactive armor plating to increase defensive capabilities against CE-based weaponry. As an offensive weapon, the R2B2 is armed exclusively with a large-bore H.E.A.T. Cannon on its left armature mount. Unlike all other R2B models, the Shchit2 also comes equipped with a shoulder-mounted missile launcher (derived from the UAM-10 series), and is equipped with an unguided variant of the MOTYLEK Large Missile, that it uses to immobilize enemy targets to batter with its arm-mounted cannon. Like the R2B shield-mounted model, the Shchit2 can ram enemy units with its shield. This variant is among the least-deployed of the line.
  • R2B3 Shchit3: A newer model of the R2B line, the "Shchit3" is a variant of the standard-issue R2B Shchit utilizing a new features. Based on a newer combat stratagem, the Shchit3 is the first of the R2B line to be entirely combat-oriented, its design omitting any defensive measures against oncoming gunfire. With the exclusion of a defensive shield, the R2B3, whilst lacking in defense capabilities, is lighter than the R2B and R2B2 variants, it is far more mobile than its predecessors, and can move with a sudden burst of speed. Due to lacking reactive armor or a shield, the R2B3 is outfitted with a newly-developed alloy, granting it increased longevity. In fact, out of all currently serviced R2B variants, the Shchit 3 is the most heavily-armored of the line, with the highest AP compared to the R2B and R2B2. For weapons, the Shchit3 is armed with a pair of mass-produced variants of the PUEBLO Pulse Cannon used on mercenary ACs. Despite lacking a shield or reactive armor, the shoulder armor of the Shchit3 is heavily reinforced and affixed with ramming spikes. Attached to the left shoulder, the R2B3 will use its reinforced shoulder to ram enemy units, dealing high damage.

While these units are incredibly powerful, the R2B line is, after all, a mass-produced line of Armored Cores, and incredibly slow, meaning it lags behind more faster units on the battlefield. In addition to this, its weaponry and armor are low-grade, and is little to no match to an adequate pilot on board a mercenary AC, whom can easily get past the shield with a barrage of firepower or effortlessly outpace it, often resulting in the R2B's inevitable destruction. This issue is removed many generations later with the introduction of the R14 GOLEM, whom replaces the R2B as soon as it is mass-produced.

Armored Core: Verdict Day[]

In ACVD, more than a century after the events of ACV, the R2B is phased out of service, instead replaced by a newly-developed successor machine, the R14 GOLEM. In terms of design, the general blueprint of the R2B is indistinguishable from the R14, however, their similarities simply end there. With newer resources that are both better in quality and more readily available, advancements in technology have made the R14 much more mobile than its predecessor, mitigating the mobility issue that was common in the R2B many generations ago. In addition to this, with a change in manufacturing facilities, the construction of the R14 is more structurally sound and solid than the outdated R2B. As a result, overall, the R14 GOLEM has a much higher survival rate in comparison to its predecessor machine.

With advancements in technological and weapons development made by The Foundation and the Three Forces, the R14 GOLEM line is outfitted for a more diverse range of combat roles, although the tried-and-trusted formula used with the R2B line back in the day is still utilized in its successor line.


  • R14-GG / R14-GGS GOLEM: The basic model. Unlike its predecessor, the R2B, the R14 is much more mobile thanks to advancements in engine and motor technology. Whilst it can be deployed as it comes after manufacturing, most basic R14's are outfitted with a defensive shield that doubles as a powerful ramming weapon for CQC scenarios.
  • R14-WM GOLEM: A variant of the R14, based upon the R2B2 variant, the R14-WM GOLEM is outfitted with a more heavily-armored chassis and a larger shield affixed with reactive armor. Equipped with a mass-produced H.E.A.T. Cannon as its main weapon, the R14-WM also utilizes a shoulder-mounted missile launcher to deploy unguided Large Missiles to pin down enemy units. Can also use its shield as a powerful CQC weapon.
  • R14-PC GOLEM: A more combat-oriented variant of the R14, based off the R2B3 variant, the R14-PC is armed with dual low-grade pulse cannons, but lacks any defensive measure against ranged fire other than its heavy armor plating. Reinforced armor on the shoulder is used for CQC attacks.
  • R14-WMS GOLEM: The newest variant. A customised variant of the R14-WM, the WMS is a highly dangerous unit, outfitted with heavy armor and multiple shields of newly-developed reactive plating, the R14-WMS is the most mobile of the R14 line, thanks to advancements in engine and motor output. Equipped with a powerful rapid-fire H.E.A.T. Howitzer as its main weapon, the WMS also features a devastating dual-mount bunker stake as its close-range weapon mounted underneath its howitzer.