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R-Fool is a Raven seen exclusively in Armored Core: Last Raven Portable's EX Arena.

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AC Fool[]

Lightweight, two-leg AC that combines a solid round EO weapon system with mobility, making it ideal for close range combat.


As a lightweight AC, he's extremely fast. His strategy is best described as speedy boy. Since you'll be able to choose the location of the fight, given the fact that he is able to utilize the PIXIE3 machine gun and laser blade along with his EO core at close range extremely well, it's best to choose an arena not too open or enclosed. A heavyweight AC will be able to withstand his attacks, but it is also recommended to use a mobile AC. Blading (unless you're a veteran pilot) is unadvised at this point and the large aperture cannon can be used in a enclosed area (recommending that your AC is a heavyweight able to withstand a LOT of damage).



Armored Core: Last Raven Portable[]


  • A NEXT with the name Fool 2 is seen in the Dengeki Hobby Magazine Armored Core sidestory.
  • Oddly enough, his AC's color scheme and design resemble that of a Pulverizer.
  • R shares the name of the supercomputer from the first Armored Core game.