The Radiator is a key part of an Armored Core and is responsible for cooling. It debuted in Armored Core 2 and was removed in Armored Core 4.


ACs can get very hot, and when overheated their combat effectiveness is reduced. Radiators attempt to release this heat, with varying efficiency. Heat is produced by taking hits from various types of weaponry, by the external environment, and in Armored Core: Nexus by the AC's boosters.

From Armored Core 2 to Silent Line: Armored Core, an overheated AC would incur damage until the temperature was lowered.

In Armored Core: Nexus the heat system was completely reworked. Now heat does not do instant damage to an AC, but when an AC becomes overheated the radiator begins sucking massive amounts of energy from the AC's generator to cool down the core. This can quickly deplete its energy supply and leave it vulnerable if the radiator is not very efficient. If the heat level cannot be brought down quick enough or goes too high too quickly, the AC will still take damage.

The Radiator parts do not appear in Armored Core 4 because the heat management system has been abandoned.

List of RadiatorsEdit

Introduced in Armored Core 2 Edit

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Introduced in Armored Core Nexus Edit

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  • CR-YR02
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