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General information
Classification Unmanned war machine
Appearances Armored Core V

A Raijin is a massive bomber aircraft manufactured by The Corporation. It appears as an optional boss in the Multiplayer, encountered only in the Extra Mission of the Huge Canyon area. 


The Raijin's is a large aircraft consisting of two hulls, joined together by a central pod. Each hull is covered in weapons, with laser cannons on the belly and missile launchers on its uppersides and back. Its powerful engines allow it to race through the skies at unimaginable speeds. Its hull is impervious to AC-grade weaponry, rendering direct attacks against it useless. However, its engines have very little armor, and an extremely skilled group of mercenaries can bring it down with a well-trained volley of gunfire on its engines. Although the Raijin is an aircraft, it is at its most dangerous once it is shot down. The aircraft itself is hardy enough to survive a crash mostly intact, while its heavily armed wreckage stores and extremely dangerous cannon that can act as an area denial weapon.


Laser Weapons x many: Multiple laser weapons cover the undersides of both hulls, allowing the Raijin to attack foes who are on the ground as it passes. 

Missile Launcher x many: Multiple launchers riddle the upperside of both of the Raijin's twin hulls. These launchers bear massive payloads of vertical launching KE spread missiles; which serve as a distraction for AC's to waste ammo on as it passes. These missiles are capable of high-stun damage--so much so that they can even render a tank immobile from only a few indirect hits while a single direct hit from one can leave any other AC completely locked-up from their explosive detonations.

Carpet Bombs x many: A bomb deployment system installed on the underside of Raijin's second hull, deploys high power CE bombs during the transit of its attack run. Whilst opening fire with its underbelly laser weapons, Raijin also deploys a carpet of these bombs to catch units caught on the ground.

Large Unit Holding Bay: The Raijin's lower hull is capable of carrying large numbers of Aves units within its hull. They deploy rarely while it is in the air, as their weak construction would shatter in the super-sonic wake of their host vessel. When the Raijin has been shot down, however, these units emerge from its husk en masse and proceed to overwhelm their foe with their numbers.

Turret Deployment: Littered throughout the combat zone are massive numbers of third-gen laser turrets. These turrets deal significant damage to even fully TE-focused AC's, and should be dealt with immediately before engaging the Raijin while it is in the air.

Area Denial Weapon: Possibly one of the most dangerous weapons known on any vessel, AC or otherwise, in the ACV universe; the Area-Denial Weapon used by the Raijin is a large, phase-pulse cannon contained within the second hull. The power of this cannon is relatively unknown, but it appears to be similar to that of an ancient weapon used long ago.


When the Raijin swoops in to unleash a barrage of laser cannon fire, that is the moment to strike. Aim for the engines lining the top and bottom hulls of the Raijin, and attack them before it moves away. Be careful, as the laser cannons littering the undersides of the Raijin are extremely painful for even fully TE-focused AC's--so proceed with caution while attacking the large aircraft, and amply dodge before the high-power energy rounds hit you. Both KE and TE seem to be most effective against the Raijin's engine nozzles, with KE being the stronger weakness of the two--hinting to similar construction to that of some parts equipped on the L.L.L. The rest of the Raijin's hull is invincible to AC-grade weaponry, as well as Ultimate Weapons, thus rendering any other tactic useless against it. As the Raijin passes, it will launch multiple salvo's of vertical launch spread missiles--so for this fight, a CIWS, PMG or evasion is recommended. During its passes, it will also deploy high-power CE bombs from its second hull undercarriage, these deal high damage, so avoid them if possible.

The Raijin's one fatal flaw in its design is how thin the armor is around the engine nozzles. At around 5000 AP a piece, this vessel's only method of transportation and speed is also its most vital weakness. But getting to these engines requires you to evade the barrage of laser-cannon rounds, carpet bombs and missiles it launches at you. To complicate matters, hordes of Aves and third-gen laser turrets litter the combat zone, and will stop at nothing to prevent you from squabbling with the large aircraft as it passes.

While the Aves are a nuisance and serve to waste your ammo, the turrets are more dangerous. They can drain the AP of even a TE-focused AC very quickly, and have tremendous range--being able to hit an AC from very far away (farther than that achieved by the long-range FCS, the FCS-07/Lr Uzume), so getting close will prove difficult. Also, these turrets are everywhere, so trying to take on the Raijin solo is tantamount to suicide. Having a team full of mercenaries or fellow teammates will help in this endeavor.

This stage of the fight is comparatively easy, as the cannon fodder are few in number--so there is a lack of distractions overall. However, the real fight begins when you manage to shoot down the Raijin.

Once its engines are shot, Raijin will crash land towards the dam area of the usual Huge Canyon map. In this state, while it is incapable of flying, Raijin deploys its most powerful weapon--its phase-pulse cannon. This is an area-enial weapon, and can wipe out an entire group of ACs in one shot. However, the players can hide behind suitable cover (canyon walls or even underwater) to survive the attack. Keep in mind that if a part of the AC is exposed to its attack, then fire from the phase-pulse cannon will still count damage, and destroy the players AC, regardless of how much of them remained exposed.

The team must make their way towards the Raijin's crash site to destroy this phase-pulse cannon, unfortunately, hordes of Aves/C and third-gen pulse cannons, as well as a few heavy cannon turrets, stand in the way between you and Raijin. Keep in mind that the Aves will continually spawn in packs of four even after their fellows are destroyed. Another thing to keep in mind is that the closer the team gets to Raijin, the more likely they will be destroyed by the AD-Cannon. A good indicator it is about to fire is that of a bright (almost blindly so) blue-white light. Take cover before it fires, or you will be exposed to a one-shot attack, and most likely fail the mission.

As you make your way forward, if the team has survived up until this point intact, then they should split into two pairs: one to pull turret fire and Aves away from the second pair, whilst the others push forward. Then, swap roles, repeatedly pushing forward and eliminating enemy threats.

Once at the Raijin, unleash every possible round you have remaining onto its phase-pulse cannon. Like before, any stray shots that hit the main hull will be ineffective, so focus fire only on the cannon itself. Whilst it has high AP (around about 4-500k) its defense are rather poor, and a well-aimed barrage of fire from four ACs will spell doom for the Raijin in a short amount of time.

To get an S-rank, the team must destroy all turrets in the combat zone, have downed the Raijin, and successfully completed the mission without no more than an accumulative total damage of 30k AP lost with no AC's downed.


  • Raijin's name is a reference to a god of japanese Shinto religion and Japanese Mythology, Raijin--the god of thunder, lightning and storms. Raijin is the creation of the Shinto gods Izanami and Izanagi.
  • Raijin's design is a reference to the Cradle System of Armored Core: For Answer.