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Ravens Nest HQ4

The infamous cube room in Ravens' Nest HQ.

Ravens' Nest HQ is a location in Armored Core. It is the Ravens' Nest headquarters, appearing quite technologically advanced.


Ravens' Nest HQ is a large data facility owned by Ravens' Nest. Is made up of a few winding corridors separated by large platform rooms and one vertical cube room. These cubes appear to possibly be floating data terminals. The site features a very high level of security with numerous MTs defending it. Upon entering further into the facility all the way into the central terminals, the very same type of technology found in Old Military Facility is seen here. The Raven is lured into the facility by a request to clear out floating mines. This is ultimately a trap set forth by an AI core. Upon entering the central terminals, The Raven faces off against two Nineball units destroying both of them. He/She then proceeds to the AI Core, destroying it and preventing the future from being further controlled and manipulated.

Ravens' Nest HQ is an area of combat in the mission Destroy Floating Mines



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