Rayleonard Logo
General information
HeadquartersExavil, Canada
Affiliation and corporate information
AffiliationsAkva Vit, GA Europe
SpecialtyHigh-speed, Close-Range Combat
ProductsAC generators
Known employeesBerlioz
Locations ownedExavil
Levanteer Facility
Ehrenberg Anti-Satellite Cannons
Eras presentNational Dismantlement War
Lynx War
Notable battlesBattle at the Abandoned City
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core 4
Armored Core: For Answer (mentioned)

Rayleonard was an energy based startup that was eradicated during the Lynx War.


A rising energy corporation and major source of AC generators. As the leader in the field of Kojima technology, they specialize almost exclusively in ACs in their military development. Rayleonard's engineers are known for their ambitious designs and consistent ability to think outside the box. Despite distributing NEXT parts to a variety of other Companies, Rayleonard keeps its industry secrets tightly under wraps. Akvavit is currently Rayleonard's closest working partner.


Rayleonard was the first company to develop super high density hydrogen sterling alloy and utility fuel cells, and also played an important role in the development of first generation Kojima Technology. These advancements were equipped to all Armored Core NEXTs, thus giving them the critical advantage needed to crush the sovereign nations in less than a month. After the National Dismantlement War, Rayleonard would come to dominate Canada, their home base, and regions where their subsidiary, Akvavit, had interests, including parts of Europe. This caused some friction with Global Armaments, who dominated the Central and Southern Pacific Rim.

Armored Core 4Edit

In Armored Core 4, Rayleonard was working with Akvavit to develop more powerful Kojima Technology. During this time, they were also attempting to break into solid weapons manufacturing by aligning with GA Europe. However, these efforts (despite GAE's enthusiasm for such an alliance) were being blocked by GA America, who was skeptical of Rayleonard's motives, and had interests in keeping them from diversifying, since it could result in a challenge to GA's hegemony in the Greater Pacific Rim.

After GAE decided to leave the larger GA Group for Akvavit, taking their technology with them, GA America sent Anatolia's Mercenary in to destroy prototype technology (including what appear to be Sol Dios prototypes) housed at the Hedje Arsenal. This action resulted in GA and Rayleonard declaring war on each other.

Rayleonard would linger in the background during the first phase of the Lynx War, allowing GA and BFF to battle one another in the first phase (Chapter 4 of AC4). After BFF was essentially decapitated by GA, Rayleonard moves to the forefront when they launch an attack on Anatolia, although it fails due to the intervention of Anatolia's Mercenary. Afterward, Rayleonard and GA (alongside its allies in the Rosenthal/Omer group) engage in numerous battles, which culminates in a one-on-one battle between Anatolia's Mercenary and Anjou, with the former emerging as the victor, as well as the Battle at the Abandoned City. Berlioz and his team are all defeated in this battle, and Rayleonard's Canadian HQ Exavil is subsequently destroyed by Anatolia's Mercenary.

Armored Core: For AnswerEdit

Although Rayleonard was destroyed, their legacy would live on in the form of the Closed Plan, which was taken up by Maximillian Thermidor during the course of Armored Core: For Answer. Additionally, Otsdarva, the Rank One Lynx in For Answer, would claim that he originated from Rayleonard.

However, a confirmed survivor of Rayleonard's destruction would come forward in the form of Shinkai, who was ranked at #33 during the Lynx War, and would later serve in ORCA.

After the company collapsed, many of their engineers were recruited by Omer Science.

Lynx Employed (Lynx, NEXT)Edit

Lynx Name Next NameRankOriginalCurrent StatusAppearances
AabyeMemento Mori11YesUnknown, presumed to be KIAAC4
AnjouOrleans3YesKIA, killed by Anatolia's Mercenary in Jardin de ChavalierAC4
BerliozSupplice1YesKIA, killed by Anatolia's Mercenary in Marche Au SuppliceAC4
OtsdarvaStasis1NoKIA, killed by Strayed in Attack on Arteria CraniumAC:FA
ShinkaiSplit Moon33NoKIA, killed by Strayed in Defend Arteria CraniumAC4, AC:FA
ZanniRoughcut12YesKIA, killed by Anatolia's Mercenary in Battle at the Abandoned CityAC4


Rayleonard manufactured a variety of high-energy parts for Nexts over the course of its existence. Their impressive lineup of quick-firing guns and blades maximizes attack power with the shortest possible delay. Specializing in instantaneous movement, Rayleonard's NEXTs, such as the AALIYAH were designed with high-speed close-range combat in mind.



Parts Introduced in Armored Core 4Edit


Part ID PriceWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
03-AALIYAH/H 260,000C3901270ShopMulti-eyed for good PA and high mobility combat.


Part ID PriceWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
03-AALIYAH/C 575,000C24802940 ShopLightweight part for PA use designed for speedy combat.


Part ID PriceWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
03-AALIYAH/A 415,000C24602800 ShopPart designed to optimize mobile combat abilities.


Part ID PriceLeg TypeWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
03-AALIYAH/L 415,000CBiped49605730ShopMid-weight Biped legs for PA handling and mobility.
04-ALICIA/L 430,000CReverse-Joint47704560ShopLow-impact, reversed legs for unconventional combat.


Part ID PriceWeightEN OutputUnlockedNotes
03-AALIYAH/G 695,000C90432545ShopMiddleweight high-powered part with high PA and EN output.
S08-MAXWELL 665,000C121133091ShopHigh-end heavyweight part based on the AALIYAH/G.

Main BoosterEdit

Part ID PriceWeightEN DrainUnlockedNotes
03-AALIYAH/M 440,000C355458ShopA part with maximized output for high-speed combat.
S04-VIRTUE 740,000C 198 288Jardin de Chavalier (Hard Mode) A part focused on QB to close in on foes instantly.

Back BoosterEdit

Part ID PriceWeightEN DrainUnlockedNotes
03-AALIYAH/B 210,000C300500ShopMiddleweight high-output part for high-speed mobility.

Side BoosterEdit

Part ID PriceWeightEN DrainUnlockedNotes
03-AALIYAH/S 280,000C351155ShopAn output-heavy part for instantaneous thrust.
S02-ORTEGA 260,000C25080ShopThis lightened AALIYAH/S retains its high output.

Over BoosterEdit

Part ID PriceWeightEN DrainUnlockedNotes
03-AALIYAH/O 435,000C505663ShopA power-centric part with amazing spontaneous thrust.
S01-V3 415,000C644839ShopAn external-use part with heightened efficiency.

Arm WeaponsEdit

Part ID PriceWeapon TypeWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
01-HITMAN 100,000CMachine Gun753421ShopA standard machine gun, well suited to close-range combat.
02-DRAGONSLAYER 200,000CLaser Blade5241064ShopAn aggressive weapon with a short but intense blade.
03-MOTORCOBRA 1,000,000CMachine Gun1015411Finish NDP-E001 ROS-OME Data PackAn upgraded machine gun with improved firepower.
04-MARVE 405,000CRifle928342ShopA high-powered assault rifle with instantaneous firepower.
07-MOONLIGHT 1,500,000CLaser Blade7161666Jardin de Chavalier (Normal Mode)An oversized laser blade with amazing attack power.

Shoulder WeaponsEdit

Part ID PriceWeapon TypeWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
09-FLICKER 1,300,000CFlash Rocket293297Jardin de Chavalier (Normal Mode)Temporarily disables camera function with intense light.

Parts Introduced in Armored Core: For AnswerEdit


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