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Reattack Search Team is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus. This mission becomes available if the player failed Attack Mirage Search Team.

Reattack Search Team

Two enemy MTs moving through Ruga Canyon



Operator:You haven't been spotted yet.

Operator:Eliminate the search team.

MT Pilot:Nobody panic, it's just one Raven. Coordinate your attacks.


This mission is only available if the player fails the original mission. Any remaining MTs in that mission will return here and the objective is to destroy the survivors of the initial attack. The biggest difference from before is that the player spawns on the top of the canyon giving them a clear advantage over the surviving MTs. Destroy them to complete the mission. Another major change is that the MT squad have moved to the more narrow section of the canyon, making them easier to target.


Report - Training Facility Construction Complete[]

A multipurpose training facility operated by Ravens' Ark is now available for use as a weapons testing and development ground. Built by Mirage using state of the art technology, the installation is completely soundproof and was constructed to withstand both fires and earthquakes. Ravens are now available to participate in tests at a cost, and all research carried out at the location is held in the strictest confidence. The facility, having already received favorable praise from Kisaragi, is reserved for the next six months. It promises to become an important source of revenue for the Ark.

Report - Search Team Attacked, Navis to Blame?[]

The search team fielded by Mirage to uncover more information about the new resource hasn't been heard from since it came under attack. Mirage execs convened an emergency meeting to discuss suspicions of Navis' involvement. No comment has been issued by Navis as of this report. At any rate, the incident has increased tensions between the two organizations. There is no doubt this will evolve into an even larger confrontation.

Construction of New Mirage Base Begun[]

With nothing to show for their first attempt, Mirage has just announced the company's future plans to learn more about the new resource. According to the project outline, this will entail building a forward staging base on the Abax Plain, well within Navis-controlled territory. Strong resistance to the project is expected. In addition, Mirage has rebuffed accusations that the project is a arbitrary action meant only for their own benefit. They claim it is vital to the future of all the corporations, and have requested that OAE support their efforts.


If the player has their AC suffer around 75% AP loss, Jack-O will come to rescue and complete the mission for them.

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