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Reclaim Oil Facility is a mission in Armored Core.


Requester: Chrome

Advance: 0

Upon success: 18,000c

Theater of operations: Oil Extraction Facility "Tide"

Enemy forces: Flying enemies

Conditions for success: Eliminate the terrorist force


We want you to attack the terrorist group "Struggle" that is occupying
the oil extraction facility "Tide".

Although this facility is now completely abandoned, we were at the
point of initiating a retrofit plan.

Their purpose can be none other than to sabotage our company. We
cannot let this delay construction, that would only play into their

The Tide facility may have some old tanks that still contain oil. They
might explode if hit, so be very careful in your operations.



Radio: "The battle seems hard-fought. We will now engage in support fire. Stay safe for a while."



Armored Core Reclaim Oil Facility

A relatively easy mission, you just need to destroy all of the MTs in the area. Just be careful of the Tiger Moth enemies as they like to get up close to whittle down your AP with their flamethrowers. Fortunately, they're lightly armored and fall easily to a few shots. The Tankettes aren't too dangerous either, their only weapons are their missiles, they will not pose any threat if you can avoid them.


  • After a certain time passes Chrome will fire missiles on the enemy MTs.
  • If all of the tanks on the facility are destroyed you lose -5000c.