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Recover Stolen Files is a mission in Armored Core 2.


Requester: Zio Matrix

Advance: 0

Upon success: 64000

Theater of operations: AC Laboratory

Enemy forces: MTs

Objective: Plant bomb and escape

File No: T-SA-0154

Code Name: Money Money

Client: Zio Matrix

Opponent: Balena

Place: AC Laboratory

Weather: Snowstorm

Mission Start Time: 12:35

Estimated Success Rate: 43%


The files stolen by the Special Forces have been relocated to Balena
Corporation's AC research lab. They must be recovered!

This mission has two objectives: Recover the files and destroy the
research lab. Destroying the lab will greatly hinder Balena's ability
to compete with us.

Your area of responsibility is the removal of enemy resistance and
planning the bomb. While you're doing that, our team will work to
recover the files.

The bomb is to be placed on the facility's main computer. You must
evacuate as soon as the bomb is set.

You can gain access to the facility from either of two routes. Good



  • 1 Transport Plane


Radio Operator: "We’ve arrived at the target area. Commencing AC drop."

Nell: "You can gain access here. Avoid any security."

Nell: "You’ve been detected! They’re transmitting ERL signals to the outside!"

Communications: "Hey Raven, can you hear me? We got the files and we’re leaving the area. Good luck."

Klein: "Anything on the scanners?"

AC1: "This is Guard Dog. I’m in position."

AC2: "Preparations complete. Commence the attack."

Nell: "Bomb planted, system activated. You have five minutes."

Klein: "Aha, now I know why Boyle and Remille couldn’t defeat you. Raven...I look forward to our next meeting."


This is actually a rather easy mission. You can gain access from 2 entry points, either from the door to the facility or the gate that is located near the edge of the map (you have to drop down to be able to see it, there's a passage/tunnel that leads inside, but there're defensive lasers along the path), either way works.

Once inside, clear your path of enemies and find your way to the main computer room. Once inside, clear out all the enemies in the room and plant the bomb.

After the bomb is planted, there will be a cutscene that plays out, where 2 Guard Dog ACs show up in different areas of the facility. You have to make your way back outside to escape (you have a time limit of 5 minutes). To do that, you must go back the way you came in. Along the way, you will face one of the Guard Dogs first. It's preferable to use a powerful blade like the Moonlight to slash them to death as they're rather weak, After that, make your way back even further, you will encounter the 2nd Guard Dog (in the same room where you came in from the passage/tunnel). Kill him as well, and head back out from that passage/tunnel.


  • You get an additional 3000 for each Guard Dog AC unit destroyed.



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