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Regan in her signature F21C Stork (Order Mission 50)

Regan Stratford is the leader of the Men of Honor and the elder sister of Rosary, formerly known as Cordelia. She is voiced by Vanessa Marshall in the NA version and voiced by Kanako Tojyo in the JP version.


Regan took over leadership of the Men of Honor from her and Rosary's mother following her death. Because Cordelia refused to remain a part of the MoH, a rift grew between the two following Cordelia's departure, driving Regan to attempt to kill Cordelia, now known as Rosary.

Accompanying Regan was the family's loyal bodyguard and butler, Oswald, who also took it upon himself to look after her.

She is killed by Zodiac No. 1 in Order Mission 72 at the Mining Facility.


  • Regan, Rosary (Cordelia) and Oswald are all references to the play King Lear by Shakespeare.